Thermostat modes unresponsive

Anyone else having a problem adjusting the modes , Heat, Cool, or Off on their Thermostat tile? I'm also not able to work the fan controls from it as well. My thermostat is a CT101.

No idea if that is changed in the 2.0.8 release that came out this morning - I haven't upgraded yet.

Thank you

This appears to be still broken.
2019-04-06 03:44:21.061 pm debug' off' is not a valid thermostat mode
2019-04-06 03:44:21.059 pm debugsetThermostatMode( off) was called
2019-04-06 03:52:37.235 pm debug' cool' is not a valid thermostat mode
2019-04-06 03:52:37.233 pm setThermostatMode( cool) was called
2019-04-06 03:56:02.795 pm debug' heat' is not a valid thermostat mode
dev:972019-04-06 03:56:02.782 pm debugsetThermostatMode( heat) was called

Auto mode works correctly in my case.

The button on the device page works correctly.

Fan controls are working on the Dashboard in my case. Also using ct101.
Running Platform Version:
Hardware Version:
Rev C-5

Same thing here, Auto mode works as well as the button on the device page.