Thermostat Driver with error logs

I have 2 thermostats, both of them have scheduled events like this:

But, both of those scheduled events don't seem to have methods that exist on the driver, so the logs look like this:

Is that the driver itself setting up those events? Or an app? How would I figure that out?
Is this a driver bug? Doesn't seem to be causing problems, other then filling my logs with red.


I'm going to guess this device originally paired with a different driver, or at least you tried a different driver at some point, then switched to the built-in Generic Z-Wave Plus Thermostat driver. To fix:

  1. Temporarily switch to the "Device" driver (under "Type" on the device detail page, select "Device")
  2. Run the "Delete Scheduled Jobs" command
  3. Switch back to the driver you intend to use
  4. If you didn't do this in the when switching before, it's also a good idea to run the "Configure" command, if available, after switching drivers

To directly answer your question, scheduled jobs on a device (i.e., that you can see on the device detail page) would have been scheduled by the driver, hence the guess above.

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