Thermostat Display Bug?

in Apps list, the thermostat controller is shown as "Thermostat Controller 2.0: Nexia Thermostat (Thermostat 1)(Controlled)"

In Logs->Past Logs its show as "Thermostat Controller 2.0: Nexia Thermostat (Thermostat 1)(Free)"

This is just the way Logs work, and it's not specific to Thermostat Controller: you'll always see the oldest app (or device) name for which there are entries, not the newest. For Live Logs, this normally the same; but for Past Logs, you may have many older entries and could see an older name. (These little "labels" at the end of an app name look special but are really just part of the name/label, by the way, so that's part of what I mean when I say this. But it also applies if you rename an app or device yourself.)

Past Logs will eventually sort themselves out as old entries are purged. This happens automatically based on total log size, not time, so it ultimately depends on how chatty your logs are (though there is an option in a soft reset to clear them as part of that -- probably overkill for just this!).