Thermostat Controller Issue, maybe PEBCAK not sure

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We just had a AC installed on our house and very excited about it. I have a GoControl thermostat that is hooked up using the Hubitat Thermostat Controller. When we had the AC installed we had to move the thermostat downstairs in the basement because they were not able to use the existing wiring. I though that hey I have a few temperature sensors on the main level and can just have the thermostat controller reference those. We have had some cold weather and the AC has not been used yet, just the heat. I was not having an issue with the heat kicking on when it was suppose to based on average upstairs sensor. If the temp go got lower than 67 then it would kick on. Today we had a hot enough day to where the house/sensor got above the cooling setpoint of 72. However, the AC was not kicking on and I am not sure why. I was able to get the AC to kick on if I lowered the controller temp to 65, which was one degree below that the actual themostat reading in the basement. I cannot figure out why the heat was kicking on at the right time but the AC is not turning on when it is above 72. Hubitat settings are: heating setpoint 67, cooling setpoint 72, offset 2, and the Hysteresis at 1. Can anyone help me trouble shoot what is going on and how to fix it?



I would set the offset to 0 and retest.

While I find my ecobee cloud interface annoying, I am using it with their remote sensor and that combination works great. I shut off the temperature in the thermostat and it controls out heat from the remote sensor.

@JohnRob I will test that out tonight when I get home. I have the GoControl and wonder if there is a setting to have it ignore the thermostat temp just like the echobee, I will have to review the manual tonight as well.

There's not.

All you can do on the gocontrol is adjust the calibration/bias to fugde the thermostat temp to match a remote one.

Kind of a pain, but it is doable with any of the user drivers that expose the calibration parameter.

I got tired of doing that, and went back to my ecobee + remote sensors.

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That makes it sound like he needs to run more wire for the thermostat. Basements usually have a tendency to be nice and cool all the time which would lead to wildly fluctuating temp differences versus the upstairs in the summer.

@JasonJoel that's good to know. That being said I should not have to worry about any of these issue because the hubitat thermostat controller should be managing the thermostat correct? Or am I using the thermostat control incorrectly. The hubitat thermostat controller should be managing all and keeping the house at the desired range based on what temperature senor I point it towards in the app?

I think that's right. I don't use Hubitat's thermostat scheduler myself, but that is how I understand it to work.

What Jason.Joel said....

Keep in mind that even if you could find an offset that works today. As the outside temp changes that "factor" will also change.

The best solution is if you could add the ground wire to the existing thermostat location.
or perhaps a thermostat with strong batteries might work.

I believe the ecobee with remote is the "best" solution.

Last would be a sensor in the main living area with a rule to change the basement setting.
You might look a "virtual thermostat" app.

When I did it that way, I adjusted the offset every 5-15 minutes. It worked basically the same as a virtual thermostat in that regard, with the benefit that if the logic/hub died, the thermostat would carry on working as expected - granted with a fixed offset at that point.

I preferred that route over a fully virtual thermostat that would do who knows what if the logic/hub/communication died.

But, in the end I really prefer the simplicity of the Ecobee + remote sensor solution. Set it, and forget it.

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@JasonJoel and @JohnRob So I ended up testing what was suggested above about setting the offset to 0 and retesting it, no luck. I am still having an issue with it adjusting correctly I even restored my hub to an old version. I reached out to Hubitat support and no luck, the ticket was opened and then closed. I was never able to trouble shoot it with anyone. This is just annoying because I am having to watch the temp each night making sure its a good temperature, when the app should be working correctly. I posted on the forms for recommendations about thermostats before I bought this and this was the recommended one. I had temperatures sensor already set up so trying to save some money and build in the functionality of echobee via hubitat.

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