Thermostat controller - can setpoint exceed current temp?

Hi, Having some problems with Thermostat Controller, need to check it can do what what I need.

Physical setup: Tado Thermostat and radiator TRVs

App setup: The upstairs bedrooms are controlled by the TRVs and have their own instances of Thermostat Schedulers. These work great. The rest of the house is controlled by the main tado controller which is located in a cupboard along with the boiler.

The problem: I have used Thermostat controller app with temperature of various motion sensors around house to get an average temp to override the actual temp on the thermostat. But the temperature in the cupboard where the Tado controller is always exceeds the temperature of the setpoint that is called for.

I tried using the offset value to influence the value but suspect this only works with the idle method. Trying to upload screenshot:

Can I use the Thermostat Controller in this way or have I exceeded its capabilities?

If I understand the screen correctly, the 'Heating setpoint' is 17 degree (from scheduler) and the 'Current temperature' is 15.7. But the actual thermostat is off because the 'Temp' is 19 degree. I need it to be set at a value higher than 19 degree until the 'Current temperature' reaches the 'Heating setpoint'.

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