Thermostat Controller App - wildly misbehaving

Most of the 9 currently installed Spirit TRVs are operating within expected behaviours.

With the exception, mainly, of the Lounge where for the last three day instead of being 20c they are 16c with the Thermostat Controller showing Heat required but telling the two TRVs to turn off and go into Frost Protection.

This has two impacts,

One the room remains cold, getting colder
The central heating remains on because the Thermostat Controllers Continue to call for heat.

For the last few days I have been playing whack a mole with the Thermostat Controllers, I turn trv On and the Thermostat Controllers Turn them off.

I have set the Thermostat Controllers for the two Lounge TRVs to Free in the hope that I can keep the TRVs open long enough to get heat into the room.

I am new to HE, is there a way to enable debugging on the Thermostat Controllers So I can understand why they turn off the TRVs when the room is too cold and then turn them on when the room has met set point?

I am dealing with an unrelated issue that appears that the TRVs are reporting the valves as closed but aren’t actually, requiring a full open and shut to actually close all the way.

On the device page for the controller there is usually a Turn on Debug switch. May also look at your logs to see if you see a lot of repeated commands to the device - these could be a sign of a weak mesh and potential loss of updates to/from the device.

Much appreciated.

Unlikely a connectivity issue, I did consider but the TRVs are very responsive indeed and manual controls are performed immediately.

I am pretty sure it is a Thermostat Controller issue the way it is controlling the TRVs.

So as a test I have switched the Thermostat Controller ' for the Lounge to FREE.

Put in a Rule if the Thermostat Controller changes and goes to Heat - Set TRV to HEAT and set the SetPoint to 28c


If the Thermostat Controller changes and goes to NOT Heat - Set TRV to OFF and set SetPoint to 8c.

I'll keep an eye on it and see if it OK.

With Thermostat Controllers in CONTROLLED mode the TRVs were jumping between HEAT/BOOST AND OFF/FREEZE Protection on their own, the ONLY thing talking to the TRVs were the Thermostat Controller Apps - and every time I manually reset them to ON/Heat the Thermostat Controller would force them back to OKK FREEZE while showing a STATE of Heating

Working on getting my Rule 4 skills up so I could do ONE Rule for BOTH HI and LO states in one RULE - still using the Thermostat Controller Apps to run logic/Mode Control and Temp Sensor collection and DRIVE the TRVs directly.

I can see that the TRVs are switching to Off / Frost - I have disabled/deleted ALL Apps that have any link to the TRVs and the issue remains.

So leads me to believe the TRVs (and so far only these two both in the lounge) are automatically, with a SetPoint of 28c (with TRV temp <17c ) are on their own with in 60 seconds of each other to OFF and Freeze protection.

If reset back to Heat they will reset back to OFF/Freeze modes in a few minutes.

Set up a Rule (as Debug not available on the TRVs) to log and message the Device States anytime they change to see if there is a specific periodic cycle involved.

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