Thermostat Choices


I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing, or I'm totally confused because it's early (and I'm pretty stupid).

IFFFT doesn't have any option for resumeProgram. Sure I can setup granular applets for each mode and time of day, but I prefer to use the resumeProgram command from the Ecobee API so that the Ecobee recovery stuff works and I can maintain a schedule on Ecobee for everything except Away.

For Alexa integration to Ecobee, I use their skill, no problems there, Hubitat is not involved.


This is what I was using. I can't remember if they changed the trigger words. Maybe "Tell IFTTT..." isn't required anymore. Anyway, this will resume program.


OOOOH. I didn't think about adding a man in the middle with Alexa from IFTTT.


Just my example. To trigger from HE, I would go IF HE virtual switch turns on THEN resume Ecobee Program


Which DH are you using? Generic Z-Wave Thermostat is not working on mine.


There's one out there by @minollo. It works pretty good.

I made some changes in my approach to my thermostat due to the limitations of the generic driver. I keep my CT-100 in auto mode all the time except when there's a window open and then it's off. When I come and go, I only set the heating point and cooling point (never change the mode of the thermostat).

I have room fans that kick on when the AC or the heat starts up to help circulate the air. They wouldn't shut off because the HE wouldn't always catch when the OperatingState changed. So I also have a RM rule running every 60 seconds that refreshes the CT-100 to force that OperatingState change.

[Port] Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat (CT-100 w/ Humidity and Time Update)

Thank you! This one actually works!

For others it's located HERE: Occasional ThermostatOperatingStateReport not properly processed


I just fired up my HE and added few devices I have purchased but yet to install. The next thing to do is get my new honeywell wifi thermostat to work. I purchased it based this post ($45 warehouse deal). I did not see where you said "saved you hours of debugging driver" . My first question is where did you get the driver to debug?
I don't mind doing my own work, if you could please point me in the correct direction.


I use this driver:

As I've said elsewhere, I don't use it for setpoints, I use it only for modes: Off, Cool, Heat. I know it's meant to do the others, but I've never tested them.


Just to add to the list. I've hacked together a little DH and App for Rheem EcoNet Thermostats. These only work with Rheem or Ruud furnaces, but it's an interesting technology.

Your typical thermostat uses a bundle of wires that it sends signals to your various hvac components on. Red=Power, White=Heat, Green=Fan, Yellow=cool, etc. The more stages your equipment has, the more wires you need.

EcoNet uses a two wire setup to send commands via serial protocol. The brains are on the furnace itself not in the thermostat. This allows you to connect other modules to the furnace, like a wifi module which exposes the same command set via a cloud api and an app on your phone... or via a driver for Hubitat.

Anyway, the point is that if you have a newer, EcoNet enabled Rheem or Ruud furnace you'll get better control with an EcoNet thermostat and wifi module than a 3rd party wifi enable "traditional" thermostat like nest or ecobee.


Thanks, Like I said I am new to HE and other than Alexa have not messed with home automation from this direction. Mostly Crestron and RTI programming for home theater and lighting control. I got the device setup and did see state changes, but not temp control. I will look this weekend.


@homeauto2112 do you find the CT-100 burning through batteries? I have to replace mine at least once a month. I have 3 of these and all the same. Burns through Batteries


The Ecobee 4 has saved "me" a ton of $$$, it paid for itself in 2 months..... just from one simple feature. Threshhold settings (not sure if any other brands have this or not). My house is extremely poorly insulated, and my furnace/ac is pushing 30 years old. Therefore in the summer time the A/C would run for 8 minutes and shut off for between 2=4 minutes (with the old programmable tstat would turn on/off with 0.5 degree temp change), Cycling anywhere from 120-150 times per day. As most know the biggest electricity draw is at start up, so changing this threshhold to when it starts up it must run for a minimum of 20 minutes and when it shuts off it stays off for a minimum of 15 minutes. Reducing my cycling down to about 30-50 time per day. AKA about $80-100 per month in the summer.


I ran wire to pickup the power from the HVAC so I don't have any battery issues.


What exact thershold settings did you change?

I want to look myself. Also, how do you find out how many times it calls for heat or air?


On the thermostat itself in the settings menu is a selection called thresholds, to where you set each run time and off time.

The main thing I did was just time my outside unit for how long it ran and how long it was off then done the math for hours per day to determine how many cycles per day, as far as runtime total, you can find this in the ecobee webui under home iq......changing the threshold settings didn't drastically reduce my overall runtime, what it drastically reduced was the amount of times the a/c cycled on/off, which startup is where the majority of your electrical consumption is.


I'm going to look tonight.

I've been in here before to set my thresholds for the swing difference of temp. Using auto mode the default gap between cool and heat was to big. I adjusted this.

I will look for runtime etc tonight.


How did the Pearl work out? I have a Nest and got everything working the way I wanted and then Nest announced yesterday that they are going to mess everything up so I am looking for a replacement thermostat.


I am considering going back to Ecobee. I had an Ecobee 3 and went to Nest before I switched to Hubitat. Do you use the remote sensors or do you use sensors in Hubitat? Do you manipulate the setpoints based on other sensors etc?


I let ecobee do it’s thing with remote sensors.

The only thing I do with hubitat is turn off the furnace or air if a door is left open or window.