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Hi all,
Is there any way to show both cool and heat setpoints on the thermo dashboard tile? I have a T6 in automode, it's currently in 'cool' mode but it's showing the heating setpoint which is confusing. I would like it to show both. Thanks!

It should be showing both, with controls to adjust them individually. Do you want to post a screenshot?

Screenshot from 2021-09-24 19-51-34

Ignore the background picture, I replaced my Nest a month or so ago and haven't updated it yet. Thanks.

Hi @bcopeland, you may not be the guy for this but I know you're the T6 guru. Can/should a thermo tile show and control both setpoints? thx!

Well I was sure I had seen both controls made available before myself, but I too see the same thing... I don't own a T6 though...

Actually, I am wondering whether it is to do with the operating state recorded in the thermostat device. I wrote the driver for mine and was populating the operating state with "auto", which is not a valid value from the list in the thermostat capability, so I expect that may be why mine was displaying as "heating", like yours, the first operating state in the valid list. What is your operating state show?

Note, I turned mine back off again, it's such a nice day here, only turned it on to test this...

Well.. The problem here is this device doesn’t really support auto mode through z-wave..

@sburke781, my device page lists all the properties correctly so I didn't think that was the problem.
Screenshot from 2021-09-25 06-31-32

@bcopeland, Really? I coulda swore your Advanced driver supported Auto mode so I figured that was just a limitation on the built in driver. (I didn't use the Advanced one since it sounded like you weren't supporting that anymore.) So it sounds like I need to create a few tiles that set and display the setpoints separately.

Unfortunately.. this device will reject any auto mode set.. It’s very odd.. I never use auto so I didn’t notice until someone tole me the built-in didn’t support it..

Gotcha, is there any way then to at least have the tile display/control the appropriate setpoint for the mode? You can see in my screen shot that it's in Auto-Cool but it's showing the heating setpoint. I set the individual setpoints with RM so it's just for the dashboard. If not then I'll just have to create the multiple tiles.