The smell is disgusting and "he's dead Jim"

So Mr. Cheap SOB tried to save money on some lithium batteries, and bought rechargeables. Which have worked very well in many devices despite being rated at 3.7 volts (non rechargable are 3.2 volts).
Today was different, the weaker tenergy rechargeables were getting up in age, so I decided to swap them out for EBL RCR123, rated at 3.7 volts in my wink siren. I thought nothing of it when I tried to activate the siren and only got static. Well , that static was the groan of death from the siren. A little while later I'm like I know that smell, oh gosh is my laptop overheating?, what's burning? It was the wink siren.
In all likelyhood the much too powerful EBL batteries fried the siren, although my Dome siren is happily chugging along on the EBLs and has done so for over 6 months.
So be careful, my fellow tightwads, saving 5 bucks may cost you 20


Worry about this happening was the reason why I bought these EBL rechargeable CR123As that are 3.0V for my Multisensor 6. They've been working fine for 3 months now.

I use rechargeables where I can (safely :slight_smile: ) mainly to avoid feeding the dump endless batteries from my battery devices. Never really looked into the economics, too lazy. :wink:

I do take my old standard batteries (CR2032 and a few CR2) to a battery return box at my old office (via a buddy who still works there).

I bring mine to staples or Home Depot :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Didn't know they took batteries. That's easier than bugging my buddy...(have to bribe him w/bread). :slight_smile: I'll look into that next time.

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Whoops looks like staples still takes rechargeable batteries, but not nonrechargeable lithium batteries now.

Home Depot still does, if this page is up to date:

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I did not know this. Good information. THX!

Cool, that looks good. Only problem is that once I'm in Home Depot, anything can happen... :wink:


My local Best Buy stores also accept disposable batteries for recycling. Another source, if you happen to have one nearby.

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