The Hubitat platform and community continues to impress me

Over the last few weeks I had been installing some Sylvania RGBW strips outside. While this has nothing to do with Hubitat…I was getting a little dejected as no matter what I did, those damn lights kept falling down. The tape that it came with detached within a week…so I put a dab of hot glue every 2 feet…which lasted a week. When that fell down I put a continuous bead of glue…which lasted another week. Following that I used a bead of silicon and while that woked…..was way to messy so I didn’t do the entire 80 feet. Finally I bought the LWD channel with the light diffusers. Now that the strip lighting is installed in the channel…the farthest it can fall ( and that if the tape detaches from the aluminum channel ) is 1\8th of an inch as the strip will be stopped by the diffuser.

Anyway..after feeling happy with my install – I was turning my attention to the control of these lights.

It was easy enough to set up on the dashboard but who wants to pull out a phone to dim the lights.

I wanted to give a shout out to both Stephack and Bertabcd1234 for their development of the button controllers.

Great solutions to the lighting control..and some other control options I’ve already used.

This community is by far one of the most beneficial parts of getting on the Hubitat platform.


Glad to hear your using and enjoying the community.

FYI if you want to call a posts attention to someone add the @ symbol in front of their name. It will let them know you mentioned them.

Here @macdenewf so you see what it does. :wink:


Perfect. I was wondering how to make sure they got the shoutout.

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appreciate your assistance the last couple of days.