The Hub stops responding at least three to four times a week

My Hub stops responding weekly. I'm not sure why. For the time I ended up plugging the Hub into a Smart Switch so I can turn the switch off and on rebooting The Hub when this happens.

Is there any clogged or something that I can see that happens when I get clocked out at the Hub. Once I reboot it Sherlock that I can see what the last event was? Maybe they'll give me some hints on why this is happening periodically?

Iā€™d contact support, but there is a logs page in the interface. You can then go to past logs and find the gap for when it stopped.

The next time it locks up I will try to to take a look at the logs and find the Gap that helps. Thanks

I also removed some complicated rules. That may have been the problem also.

You don't have to remove the rules you can disable them.
Support have recommended in the past that people disable maybe half your rules/apps and see if things improve. If it doesn't disable a few more.
If things do improve gradually re enable rules until things go bad again.
In my case it was Chromecast that caused the issues.

I will keep that in mind. I did find an overlapping rules, both trying to turn on lights when mode changed to home. I will start disabling one by one if it continues. Thanks.

By the way, when you found your problem, what did you do about Chromecast?

Stopped using it.
Transferred all my announcements etc. on to my Sonos speakers.
I've also just got a second HE hub and I am currently trying it on that hub.
So far so good but I don't have much on it at the moment.

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