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My daughter (she's 18) was discussing with me her future plans to bring a pet Hedge Hog into the house. She's been buying bits and pieces of the habitat for a week now. She asked me if I had a way to monitor the temperature in the cage and to turn on a heat lamp for her. I've not felt so close to her since she was giggly little lass. There were almost tears (she cries when I embarrass her). So what other automation's can contribute to the health and well being of a nocturnal prickly rodent?

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All good recommendations below. She's fairly responsible and loves animals. She's a professional dog groomer at a high end salon (very proud dad). So she'll care for the little fella I'm sure.

I should have asked for similar stories where Home Automation improved our lives in surprising ways. We usually come here to solve problems or complain about something not working.

So maybe not right now... but someday, add your happy moment here please.


always good when dads "wacky" hobby can actually be useful.

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Will a periodic notification/alert to clean the cage and change the bedding be necessary?

If there's any possibility that the door and or lid might be left open, a contact sensor could be handy...


BBQ grill temp monitor. :smiling_imp:


Get a water sensor and invert the code to notify when the water bottle is empty!

Camera for remote inspection, especially infrared at night.

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Hey there fellow Hedgie Grandpa! We have one too named Boris. We used the following. To manage his habitat. Works awesome!

Inkbird Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat & Timer Time Switch AC 100~240V,1200W Only Heating for Breeding, Planting ect. NO COOLING CONTROL

And a pic of Boris:


Question about the inkbird wifi thempeture heater blablabla I have 2 works great with google wondering if I could somehow ad there info on a hubitat dashboard and .maybe even control them from there like set temps ect