The CSA that run Matter has delayed their API specs until 2022

After reading this announcement from their CEO:

I guess with the number of interested members (those that want to put in their "proprietary specs") Matter has moved their publishing dates. When you have Google, Apple, Comcast, Amazon and others all wanting to be the big cheese for these standards there is going to be a lot and I mean a lot of infighting on who's specs win. At some point in time I expect one of the big players to leave and take their toys with them and use an incomplete spec to lock in their ecosystem.

Leaving us exactly where we are right now except with yet another "standard" that just further de-standardizes the industry even more? What a shocker :crazy_face:

I genuinely do not understand what exactly Matter is supposed to do that Zigbee or Z-Wave do not already do, or could not modify Zigbee to do. If anyone has any insight on that, I would be very interested in learning.

Also, I love this comic...

Honestly, the only way I see a common standard happening is one of the big players caving and actually making a consumer friendly move, but for that to happen it needs to be in their best financial interest to be consumer friendly, and that is a hard argument to make it seems, just look at the whole Right to Repair movement. Zigbee Alliance is big and all, but they don't come close to the amount of pull Apple or Google or really even Amazon has and even if one of those falls in line, then I can see something actually happening.


I expect they will do that regardless whether "matter" takes off or not.

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