The best wireless keypad?

Yea I probably wouldn't have bought the second one yet except I noticed they only had one left, so got the last one.

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Yeah, I have a v2 but it's at the door out to my garage, next to the fridge, so it doesn't stick out too far. But i'm looking for one for the front door and the v3 just looks so much nicer. I figured I'd pick it up instead. It's funny can find the V2 on Amazon no problem but the V3 is hard to come by.

So this is my first week with HE after migrating most of my ST devices. It's been fun!

I saw this thread and decided to pick up an Iris v2 as I planned to try out HSM. Dumb question, if all my family members have Life360 and I'm using the great Precense Central app, is there a need for a wireless keypad for arming and disarming? I suppose it would be helpful for non-family members that enter the home like a cleaning woman? Just wondering, thanks.

Just like you say, we’re using Life360 and have the v2 keypad near the front door for guests and for the occasional time I get into the house before Presence has been detected.
As a comparison, I’m going to look into using ‘Locative’ as has been suggested elsewhere. ‘Locative’ is on iOS.

I can't use presence for arming because there is almost always someone at my house. Even when my wife and I are not home. Nanny with the kids, or house cleaner, etc. I also use the keypad if HSM is armed Home / Stay in the middle of the night, and we need to let the dog out.

@mike.maxwell Thanks for modifying the Hubitat Centralite driver so we now have the ability to arm HSM with the new V3 Iris keypad. I can confirm it works great! Now the only feature that doesn't seem to work with this keypad is the panic button.

Based on this, I bought the newer V3 keypad rather than the older, uglier one....only to find out they work completely differently. First of all, there is no Exit Delay notification when you arm away from something else on this keypad, unlike the V2. That is the primary reason that I bought it.
In addition, when you arm-away from this keypad, you do not get the delayed armed action from HSM. Instead, the keypad does it's own, silent, 30 second countdown and then HSM immediately goes to Armed Away. At this point, my other keypad then begins it's 30 second countdown, even though the system is already armed-away. What good is that?!?!
So, does HE not support 2 keypads simultaneously? And if it does, is there any way to make this other keypad work even remotely like the V2 keypad? Do I have to have the device configured in a certain way to use it with HSM? There are device settings for Entry and Exit delay in addition to the ones in HSM. Are those what is in conflict? Or is the driver just completely wrong.
Also, I don't know why this is using the Centrallite Keypad driver. It's showing up as made by a different company. The manufacturer listed in HE is
I feel like I struggle like this every time I try to do something new with HE. Nothing works quite the way it purported to work. There are always key details and information that is conveniently left out. I'd really love it if this keypad could work like the other one, like I was told it would. Otherwise I'm just throwing good money after bad.

I have 2 keypads, one Iris and one Xfinity and both works exactly the same in the same hub, when I choose away mode in one both will beep for 30 secs, my setting.

I bet your new keypad needs a new driver or at least a driver update.

Two keypads.
Cripes, I got sick of my solitary v2 keypad needing to be fed 2 x new batteries every 2 months ! They're expensive !
So I've now wired it up to a 3.7v battery (18650) and charger board like this from FleaBay.
Then chucked the board and battery in one of these Fire Proof Bags just in case !

Only once this single Keypad solution stops making me work will I think about hooking up another. :sweat_smile:

Your keypad is bad or your use of the keypad is endless, I have 6 months with mine and still 100%.... and we use it every day...


Because that's the driver It's supposed to use...
In any event, you're right the exit delay sounds do not work correctly, the delay itself and arming do.
If sounds work correctly from the Iris hub I'll be able to fix it, if not then I won't.

I reached out to Lowes / Iris support who advised that a firmware update was available for units which only last a couple of weeks on battery but that there's no way to update firmware without an Iris Hub (which I don't have) :frowning:
They said it could be a communication issue with my Zigbee network but the keypad and HE are almost line of sight, within 15m or each other.
Anyway's she's powered with battery back up now, he he he

Ahh, that makes sense.

I have no idea how it works with the Iris hub. From what I have been told, it does do an arm-delay count-down since a lot of people complain about it.
But the whole functionality of it is just off. Why doesn't it engage the HSM delay-arm timer? The status of HSM goes directly from disarmed to Armed and skips the delay-armed status. I can collect whatever data/logs you want me to.

I have this keypad in the lab, so i can test this.

any update?

Does anyone know where I can source a compatible keypad? All of the ones discussed in this thread don't see! To be available.

Where are you located?

I'm located in the US - Austin, TX to be specific.

Ebay is your friend, this one works good