Thanks Hubitat! From Another SmartThings Refugee!

Just wanted to say I've recently switched 100+ devices across two homes w/ 1 hub at one location (parents) and two at another (mine).

Thank you for making this awesome product!

I've now retired two samsung smarthings v2 hubs and boy does it feel so good.

My parents are happy with their home being zippy and responsive, as are my wife and I.


  • Shane

Hey Welcome, Great to hear of your success. Now if you have a few hundred extra hours to go through the forums and see all the neat things you've been missing out on.
See you down in the rabbit hole !


Thanks! and that is no joke! I've spent hours already bookmarking things to do :smiley:


Remember, if you had ANY failed pairings, check your z-wave table for ghosts


Former refugee here too (long time ago though) - Home Automation in general is a lot more complex than most people realize once they get beyond the simple stuff - so have patience.. there are a lot of capabilities with this system and a bunch of different ways to do things. We are here to help if we can - Welcome to the community and have fun!


Me too, ex smartthings.

Suffice to say the wife wanted me to rip the lot out. After hubitat... Awesome.

Wife loves it. Just works.

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Yup, my wife approves of the bathroom lights coming on right when she walks in vs whenever smartthings got around to it. :joy_cat:

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How does one find Ghost Zwave devices? I had some fail, but then they would join after a reboot of the hub or another attempt..

If there is nothing on the in and out clusters or no device class

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To add to that to get a detailed list go to "Settings" and turn on "show advanced options" then go to "Z-Wave Details"..

An excellent community app to install if you haven't already is the "Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details" app... you can install it via the "Hubitat Package Manager" (yet another amazingly useful community app).


The in/out clusters are gone as of the latest update. Replaced with info that's actually useful, or that's what i was told. I don't understand how it's "better"


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