Thank you! <3


Hello All,
I purchased my Hubitat last Dec for the holidays, but only cracked open the box last week. I had been a SmartThings user up until then. After the 23,492nd time that my wife nor I couldn't turn on/off our kitchen lights without a 4 - 10 second delay (we were using SmartLighting which was supposed to function locally), I had finally had enough. I spent half the day moving our devices off of SmartThings over to HE.

I came here to post a BIG THANK YOU!!!! This device is fantastic! My wife is happy again. I'm happy again. It is so much better than the SmartThings hub, I cannot believe it took me this long to switch over.

For anyone thinking of making the switch, it's a no-brainer. I wholeheartedly endorse this product.

Thank you again for a very happy customer.


Welcome to the HE world. You will not be disappointed.


You might have finished with ST but believe me you’ve only just started with HE.
This thing is infectious !
One thing leads to another and another and another :+1:t2::blush: