Text To Speech and Nest Hub (1st Gen) Not Speaking Text

Good morning all,

I have a first gen Nest Hub that I am having some problem with. I have been playing around with the chromecast integration app to utilize TTS. I have a first gen Google Home Mini puck and the Next Hub. The Google Home Min sounds the message no problem, but the Nest Hub makes sounds a tone like it going to speak and then does nothing. I currenly have a rules machine rule setup to say "the basement light is on" when the basement Minoston MP21Z is triggered either manually or by a rule. Google Home Mini speaks perfectly but the Nest Hub drops the ball.

Any ideas? Thanks all!

Power cycle the Nest Hub. It gets crazy sometimes.

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Is it a short phrase? You might want to try enabling the delay in the device settings. I had an experience in the past where (I'm pretty sure this is what happened) the phrase was so short it was covered by the sound from the nest hub. Adding a delay seemed to help.

Thanks for the suggestions. This has been something I have been tinkering with for 6 or so months. Nothing too crucial, it just bugs me that it doesn't work that way I'd like. I've power cycled it. I did put some random extra text in and it does speak the last half or so of the text. So that is promising. The Nest Hub is weird. It goes in to a different mode after it's spoken the text. It only last 30 or so seconds. I'll keep plugging at it.

When you say add a delay, are you talking about a delay in the actual text to talk command? I am not sure how to add a delay.


Look for this in the device page. It might look a little different based on the model you have. My older ones have slightly different wording.


You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Adding the delay fixed the problem. I do apprecaite your help!


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