Text HSM status on change

I imagine that the best way to notify of HSM status changes is to use a rules machine rule that react to HSM status change event. But in my notification, how can I obtain the HSM status? Would %hsmStatus% or %global-hsmStatus% work? Do I need to define it somewhere else?

I just use the inbuilt Notifier App to send me updates on what Mode my HE is in.
Armed Away, Home etc

Mode or HSM status? These are two different things, right?

Hmmm good question.
I’d say no they’re both ‘modes’, with HSM having some special modes it makes use of.
See here: Hubitat® Safety Monitor - Hubitat Documentation

Separately you can create your own ‘modes’ to do other things

Can do it all within HSM.

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These are alerts in case of intrusion or failed arming, @lewis.heidrick. I want to know the HSM status change so as to confirm it’s being set correctly

You can do that in RM4. Trigger would be hsm status changed.
For actions throw in a few if statements for each hsm modes. With what you want it to text you.

On Facebook, someone pointed to just using the Rule Engine with a "HSM status changed" trigger event and a "HSM status has changed to %value%" notification.

Leaving this here for posterity in case someone else asks the question.


Rather than using the rule as specified above I wanted to have the notifications say armed and disarmed instead of %value% which is 0 and 1.

So I made the rule below, but unfortunately it only notifies when the alarm gets armed and doesn't notify when it gets disarmed. Any idea of why that might be? What is my mistake?

Thanks very much