Testing rule response for First Alert ZCombo Detectors

Success with inclusion of devices into Hub, and using the Hub Safety Monitor app to write a rule that would turn on lights and send notice to iPhone on device alert seemed simple enough.

However, the rule fails to implement when one (of three) detectors is tested. Two types of test: Test 1 = generate incense smoke in area of detector until device siren sounds fire alert. Test 2 = press test button on device for 3 to 5 seconds until detector signals (1) smoke warning and then (2) CO warning.

Apps page indicates that the rule is armed, as desired. However, a tiles titled hsmStatus added to custom dashboard indicate disarmed status for all detectors. Also, in tiles titled lastUpdated, the date and time do not conform to test date.

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this issue.

Post your rule.

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Are the other two detectors testing okay?

I may be wrong, although I do not belive I am, but I don't think you can simulate a HSM alarm by pressing the test button. These devices emit a tamper event when the test button is pressed which is different from a Smoke or CO event that would actually trigger HSM.


That has been my experience with these devices too.



thank you, marktheknife and srwhite.

I called First Alert, asking whether the test button would signal an alert state to a z-wave hub. Answer - yes. NB: I left call with very little confidence in the correctness of reply.


Iā€™d guess that person did not know what they were talking about, or possibly misunderstood your question.

Iā€™m not the manufacturer, obviously. But I have a few ZCOMBOs that have been paired to both Smartthings and hubitat over the years. They have never once triggered a smart home monitor or hubitat safety monitor alert when the physical test button on the device is pushed.

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Well, technically they are correct. The detector is sending an alert.. It's just a tamper alert.. When I used to use these on SmartThings pressing the test button would log an event stating that a "test was received".

Unfortunately the Hubitat driver for these does not support the tamper capability.

Perhaps @mike.maxwell can provide some additional insight as to how to throw an event when the button is pressed.


Off hand tamper would be the best we could do now.

In test 1, I triggered the smoke alarm by using incense (smoke, minimum heat).

Test 1 should've sent an alarm state to Hubitat (yes/no), but apparently it didn't, as indicated by the failure of the alarm actions to trigger. Any ideas as to why?

I previously loaded images of recent state variables produced by the built-in Hubitat Security Monitor app for smoke and water.

I actually need to see what data is sent from the device when it goes into alarm mode, and when it clears.
Select the debug preference option, open live logging, then trip and clear the device.

I used these Zcombo on my old z-wave system and the codes the detectors would send was:

1 - smoke
2 - CO
12 - test
13 - all clear

I'm just getting into switching over to hubitat, but i hope that helps.

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Was the HE driver updated to send the test message back to the hub so that we can test connectivity to ensure the battery is still working?

I bought a couple of these and am not able to test because of this. Any update?