Testing RGBW Fibaro with strip - not functioning

I'm experimenting for the first time with the Fibaro RGBW dimmer.

I have a power supply + a 5m RGBW strip.

I can run the LED strip of its own control box which has an RF remote - all works as expected, using my own variable (0-24V) power supply. With my multi meter I get 5v from white to red and lights are red so I guess this is all fine.

So I wanted to test this with the dimmer module on my bench (dining table). I run the power into the dimmer module and have the R/G/B/W wires from the Fibaro going into a connector.

The dimmer seems to be recognised (Zooz) but no lights at all. To see what is happening I used my meter to see what is happening on the RGBW terminals on the dimmer.

If I turn the dimmer off - have red meter lead on W and check RGB - no volts as expected
Turn on with settings as Blue, Hue 67, Level 90, Saturation 100 - I get Red 0.1v, Green 0v with flashing minus sign, blue 0.04v

So something seems to be happening but not sure what :slight_smile:

Any help appreciated to see what to do to get this working. Maybe my approach is completely wrong to debug this but I have little experience here.



Your information about what wire colors have a voltage is not enough information for us to know what the "red" wire is. So consider restating the question.

Alos you mention nothing about the LED strip. Is it 12V, 24V, 5V etc

A RGBW dimmer is connected like the screenshot below.
Each LED terminal acts as a switch to GND. So when off the terminal should read the same voltage as the power input of the Strip.


Ah yes, 12v
My LED strip just has 4 wires - RGBW. Just realised as it is only 4 wire the "W" is actually the 12v +ve and not white. When I wire this into the 12v +ve from the power supply I'm up and running.

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