Tesla Integration to Remind Us To Plug The Car In

Weird, I have not seen this yet, it has worked for 17 days now, I will keep an eye out for this.

Maybe this is why the IDs changed, I guess they had system issues on Labor Day.


Installed the app and device successfully.

Any idea why presence says NOT PRESENT when I am at home?

I ask because I want to create a simple automation that would unlock my Tesla if I open the laundry room into the garage.

HOWEVER, I am unsure of whether this will always work wherever my Tesla is (ie. my wife opens the laundry room while the Tesla is in a parking lot 10 miles away).

If I could restrict the app to unlock the Tesla only when present that would be great.

I’ve never used this app and driver, but my guess would be:

I think presence means you are near the car with the key.

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Not sure if you’re looking for feedback on that rule or what, but I don’t understand a few choices you made.

If the trigger for your rule is 8pm, why include a condition between 8pm and 8:02pm in the actions? It will always be between 8-8:02pm when the rule triggers at 8pm, so the condition seems to serve no purpose?

And why bother with private Boolean? If the other conditions are true, then the announcement will occur exactly one time, because the rule will only run once at 8pm based on your trigger.


I was just sharing the code that was working for me. I always give it a small time range incase something lags as a safety net.

The private boolean is just something I do to avoid any false positives also, but it is probably not necessary here.


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Would be handy if it had option to unlock the charge port. Sort of odd that it does not as that seems like a pretty common thing to do.

I added this for both my cars yesterday. Seems to work well with the edit.

I guess it would be a nice addition if it also supported getting power data also from a power wall.

Is there a way to have it unlock charging port? Be good if could just ask Alexa to unlock it instead of having to get phone out every time I leave to un plug it.

Wow, that was amazing my simple to set up. Now I need to find the equivalent for Chevrolet for my wife’s Bolt.

I wonder why our powerwalls doesn't come up as a device, given that both share the same login.

Works great!!

I forked the work and made the code changes above so anyone can copy paste:


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Anyone know how to fix the Presence for cars without Homelink?


I think presence is "key presence" as far as I know in hubitat you can't get the lat/lon of the vehicle.

It looks like the presence is set by the homelink.

presence: vehicleState.homelink_nearby ? "present" : "not present",

Also when you wake the car you get the lat/lon from the car. I just don't know how to use it.


I think you can do it based on the lat/lon the car returns, a quick and dirty fix would be a hard coded compare with your home location, a better approach would be to set your home location as parameters and do a mathematical distance calculation to determine if you are within a certain range of your home

I did find that I needed to change line 320 in the app to return true
Otherwise it was always returning null and that meant after sending a command a refresh() wasn't being done so the status wouldn't update. Didn't dig into it much further.

You get lat/long back as attributes from the Tesla Connect app

Ok I got a homelink but the presence feature doesn't seem to work. Has anyone gotten this working?

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