Terms of service bug after update

I recently updated my hubitat from 2.2 (i think) to something current, and I can't get past the TOS screen, it tells me that I need to agree, I click agree and it just resets the page back to terms of service.

I can't look up what version of firmware is installed and i can't factory reset the device, the TOS screen blocks everything.

What should I do?

And I apologize ahead of time if this is something dumb I've omitted to check.

you can get the firmware version via http://your-hub-ip:/8081

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@user3434 Go to yourhubip/hub/edit and see if it bypasses that screen

Could you please go to the following page?


Once you reach the page, you should be good to go. (replace yourhubip with actual IP address of your hub).

thank you, i was able to access the diagnostic tool using port 8081, im going through the options to see if i can get it back, but it's nice that i can change firmware through it

current platform:
hardware version: rev c-7

that didn't help, but im trying a few things through the diagnostic tool
ill be back here if i get it working or once i exhaust everything

current platform:
hardware version: rev c-7

What did you get when you tried?

hi, both hub/edit and hub/acceptTOS just led me back to TOS page
sorry for not replying for a bit

looks like my hub updated to and i was able to accept TOS

sadly all my previously added devices are gone, but at least i can move on
ill add them again and hopefully i wont have to go through this too soon

thank you for all the help everyone!

Do you have any downloaded backups? Did you see if the Backup and Restore had saved a backup?

i did not, im going to set one up tomorrow, thanks!

but it isn't too bad, looks like the z-wave devices just need to be rediscovered

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