Temporary muting of battery alerts

I'm wondering about the best way to get the results I want.

This is what I currently have.

I have a separate rule that gets triggered when battery level of a bunch of HSM related devices reports less than 33%. When that happens my wall tablet will repeat an alert since it's kinda important. What I am trying to accomplish with the above rule is muting of those that then auto turns off after a certain amount of time (think of it as your check engine light is on and you don't want to ignore it for too long). Seemed easy enough but it's not turning off.

Also, does anyone have any more elegant ways?

It could be that the rule is getting triggered before the state of the switch has fully updated. If I'm not mistaken, there is some caching that occurs. So, the event triggers the rule and the rule is evaluated before the state variable is updated to off.

Just a shot in the dark. Adding a one second delay to the beginning of the rule would confirm or you can show logging from the rule triggering and never turning the switch back off (just adjust the timers).

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"hold on guys! Dad has to sit and stare at his laptop for 3 hours" :joy::joy:

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That seems to be the ticket! Just tried it out with 1 second delay and delay time changes to 15 seconds. Actually turns off now! Thank you for the suggestion.

I do still wonder if there is a better way to do this though.