Temperature Sensor for Attic?

I would like a temperature sensor for my attic, but the temps can get as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Is there one that someone can suggest that would work with Hubitat? Thanks.

I would use an ecowitt sensor with an external probe. Place the probe in the attic and the body of the sensor in living space. Those probes can take up to 140F.

The sensors connect to the ecowitt WiFi gateway, which integrates locally with Hubitat.

I have a Sensative Strips in my attic. I use it to turn on the attic exhaust fan when the temperature gets above 100 in the attic. I just looked back over the last couple of weeks - max was 119.2.

Unlike the Guard (contact sensors) the battery in this model (Comfort) appears to be good. It's still reading 100% after a year. The batteries are not replaceable in the Sensative strips.

Thanks. I would have to buy the gateway in addition to the sensor...correct?

Wow...I didn't even know they made something like that. A 10-year battery is awfully attractive. Does it seem to update the temperature pretty quickly? It doesn't like change every hour or something like that...right? Also, any chance you could recommend where to buy one? I'm not finding it on places like Amazon. Thanks.

Correct. The gateway is ~$30. ecowitt sensors are the most reliable sensors that I have. I have them in my fridges, freezer, safe. They have soil moisture sensors that I use in automations to determine whether the yard should be watered etc. Sensors are between $15-180 (depending on the sensor).

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Isn't this the gateway and the sensor together?

That sensor is usually assumed it will provide measurements for the area that the gateway is in, the length of the cable is only 3'.

This is a better choice - the WH31 would go in the attic wherever you want it.


Thank you! You know this had to be coming next. I never even envisioned Hubitat connecting to WiFi devices like this. I don't even see Ecowitt listed in the DEVICES list for Hubitat. By what magic do you connect this to Hubitat to gain all the data from it?

There is an Ecowitt integration here: :slight_smile:

In the install instructions referred to in the thread, you can skip anything about re-doing things from the original integration that this one replaced, since you've never had the Ecowitt integration installed before.

Do you have the Hubitat Package Manager installed? You can install the integration from there...


Thanks. I do not have HPM installed, but I'll try to read up and see what I need to do. This will all be something new for me.


This should help you.



@danabw has pretty much covered all the bases here. Just want to add a few things. The ecowitt WiFi Gateway supports a full-featured weather station, and all manner of environmental sensors, including things like: indoor air quality sensors, soil moisture sensors, leaf wetness sensors, leak sensors, pool temperature sensors …. the list is long.

In short, the gateway is a worthy addition to any home automation setup.

Here's a full list of their sensors:


I think I got it from TheSmartestHouse.com. See: SENSATIVE - The Smartest House

Mine has two settings for temperature reporting - see graphic.

At the default setting it reports slightly more than once every two hours. For my application this is close to ideal. I haven't tried the other setting to see how frequently it reports on that setting.

Thanks for all the help here. I followed the instructions for installing HPM and they went perfectly (+1 for people who can write technical documentation well). I ordered the recommended Gateway and Sensor so I'm excited to have that come in. I've read through the instructions for installing the Ecowitt and even though the instructions seem a little long, they do appear clear, so that's huge. I'm optimistic it will go fine and thanks again for the help.


And there's enough of us around using that integration to tap for help if you need any!


Late entry but... inexpensive, sips battery, seemingly able to leap tall buildings with a single Zigbee bound

Visonic MCT340E

Door - Mailbox - temperature is 135.40°F

That's probably one of the higher temps I've seen it hit in the all metal mailbox.
Oh, and if you have something you want to monitor the open/closed state of it can do that too. Like maybe attic vent/louvers?

EDIT: Reading subsequent posts talking about a Temp Spec top of 140F consistently showing up... I bet I've hovered just under that max in the mailbox without realizing it!

Can confirm the ecowittt Even the ones with probes iike wh57 max out at 140f . I was hoping that was a limitation of the sensor environment and the probe version would go higher. Tried in the sauna and it stopped at 140.

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Based on your post, I checked specs on the EN30BL and WH31P sensors with probes.

Indoor: 14 to 140 °F,

Outdoor: -4 to 140 °F (non-lithium batteries), -40 to 140 °F (lithium batteries)

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Sensative also indicates the Strips Comfort maximum temperature is 140 °F.

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