Temperature rounded to whole numbers

I have a Samsung Smart Button that shows temperature and it has it down to 2 decimal places. Is it possible to round that off to whole numbers? What would I need to do that?


Can we make that an option? I like having the two decimals as it makes it easier to calibrate them with my HVAC before I put them around the house.


Did you figure out a solution to this?

Nope. I just deal with it.

Any progress/ideas on this? Anybody find it useful to know if your kitchen is 75.84 degrees vs. 75.83 degrees? The issue for me is phone screen real estate and overwriting battery % and temp resulting in gibberish on many tiles.

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I just ran across this post. I had a similar need. I have a contact sensor (Inside) that reports temp to 2 decimals. I only wanted a whole number to use on a dashboard.
My solution works using a rule.
Make a virtual temperature device (MBR Temp). In rule machine make a local variable (RTemp) as a decimal. See screenshot for the rule.

I then use MBR Temp on my dashboard tile.

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I can't figure out how to do the final Action. What is the recipe to get setTemperature('RTemp(73)') on MBRTemp I've tried everything I can think of. Thanks!

Thats a Custom Action. Select the attribute (temperature), then the device, then the command, and the parameter.

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Thanks for the response. That's where I get stuck. How do I choose to setTemperature with a variable? See screenshot.

Use %variable-name% where it wants the Integer value.

Ugh! Yes! Still wrapping my head around this. Thanks so much Bruce.

Just when you get that figured out, it's going to change in the next version of Rule, coming out today. But, this will work and go on working. We're going to make contexts like that one where you want to use a variable have an explicit choice about the variable, and a drop down of ones that would make sense.

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