Temperature Notification Rule

Hi All,

I've got a temperature sensor that I'm trying to set to trigger a notification if the temperature is lower (or higher) than a set level. I seem to have it working almost, but I get multiple notifications.

I've now realised that this seems to be when the sensor updates to a temp higher than my target (20c). E.g. when it updates to 20.1 I get a notification and another when it updates to 20.4.

How do i stop these multiples and only received a single notification for the first time it rises above? I'd also like the rule to start working again if say the temp rose above my target, then dropped below and rose above again. So a once-per-day restriction probabaly wouldn't work. Not that I know how to do that either.

Here is my current rule. Thanks in advance.

Consider the "Use predicate rule" option. This will prevent the Rule from triggering when the predicate rule is false. (I use capital "Rule" to mean your Rule app, the entire thing--if I remember to capitalize it, which I'm starting to in order to avoid this confusion--and small "rule" to mean "condition or combination of them," which was newly re-introduced in this sense in Rule 5.1.)

In your case, you could keep your existing trigger and create a predicate rule of temperature < 20. Then, your trigger will only capture this one specific transition, the temperature changing from < 20 to something >= 20, and it won't be able to trigger again until the temperature reports an event below that vale.

Thanks for coming up with a solution so quickly! I've done what you've suggested and will see how it behaves in the next few hours.

This is what I've done, hope I understood you correctly.

That sounds interesting, would you mind giving me an example of setting a monitor rule? I'm trying to learn as much as possible about rules.

i would use the notification app rules. (built in) that is what it was designed for and it has various options for repeat or not


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This is exactly what I do for my fridge/freezer temp sensors.

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I deleted my post after looking at your rule again, since you just wanted a notification. You must have got a copy of my post in email. The predicate rule was really the best option, for that simple rule. This is one my my simpler rules which basically just sends a notification as well. Using the second rule with no trigger allows me to use the wait for event without worrying about a power level change retriggering the rule and stopping the wait. You could use Private Boolean and delays but I just prefer this method.

It just sends notifications when it turns on and off. When the power goes above 5 watts it sets my activity sensor and then calls the monitor rule which waits for the heater to turn off.

Found this while doing a search… I need to do this. May I ask what temp sensors you’re using in your freezers? Thanks.

Everspring st814 . Made for cold. Don't think they are avail.any longer

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If you can find some cheap Iris V1 sensors on Ebay they work great. I use them in three freezers, motion or contact sensors work. They last a long time as well.

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