Temp Sensor controls outlet

Hi all,

I am trying to cook up a rule for a temp sensor to control an outlet with a heating pad hooked up to it. This is to heat a cat house. The heating pad is old school and doesn't turn off automatically so i originally had a rule through TPlink to turn it on at night and off during the day. I am migrating everything over to Hubitat. I just want something like: If temperature drops below 40 degrees (temp sensor is in cat house btw). then turn on outlet. If not, or if above 40, don't turn outlet on or turn it off. Might anyone be so kind to walk me through it/create one for me as I am still learning. my first attempt does not seem like it will work. Thank you in advance.

You should change your trigger to 'changed'. You want the rule to be evaluated every time the temp changes not just when it is less than 40. Here is an example rule. You can add additional logic if you like. For example you could say IF temp < 40 AND Table Lamp OFF Then ...


Thank you very much. This worked great.