Temp Alert Delay

I have some temp sensors in my fridge and freezer. I have a rule to alert when the fridge is at 45*, but when the door is opened for a little bit it will start sending alerts. I want to change the rule to be something like…if it has been 20 min since the first alert and it is still above 45* send alert but if it the temp dropped below 45* within that 20 min cancel the alert or start the time over. I would like to apply the same logic to the low end of the alert as well.

Here is my attempt to write it out:

If temp of fridge >= 45*
Time = 20 min
If temp of fridge < 45* cancel alert
Send alert

This is what I have so far:


You should be able to make the delay cancel-able. (Sorry, I'm not at home to mock up a rule.) Something like this:

IF (temp >  44) THEN
  Delay 0:20:00 (cancelable)
  Notify "High temp alert"
  Cancel Delayed Actions

How exactly do I do this in RM? I have been looking around but dont quite understand how to configure the rule how I want it.

Can anyone offer any help on this? I tried searching but did not find exactly what I am trying to do. If this has been discussed in another thread point me in the right direction.

Please see the docs and rule machine tutorials from Bruce. But as @lairdknox outlines your rule should be setup like this:


Just be sure to make the “Delay 0:20:00” cancellable.

Knew I forgot something. Screenshot above corrected.

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Thanks for your help. I was able to create the rule and test it out and it is working the way I was wanting.

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