Telstra Zigbee outlets ** Gone**

I have purchased 5 of these Telstra smart home outlets Smart Power Plug by Telstra | Brand New | Works with any Zigbee Hub | eBay.

They have been playing havoc with my hue dimmers, so if anyone in Aust wants to give them a go, they are yours for the cost of a 1kg express sachet.

or if your in Adelaide just come and grab them

Hi, would love to take these of your hands...
How can I pay for the shipping?

Hi Matt,

Can l grab these from you please? I live in Melbourne and have some of these working nicely at home - Would be great to get some extra. Please advise the postage cost

Thanks Matt

Interested to hear how they were playing havoc with your dimmers - I bought a few of the repeaters a fortnight ago but haven't played with them yet. What were they doing??

I was loosing dimmers all over the shop, I spent about three days constantly resetting them for the to drop of the network hours later.

I had only made a couple of changes prior to this issue one was an ikea bulb and the other was these plugs.

Since removing the plugs I’m back to rock solid and they have been replaced with Ikea plugs.

I’m not massively into the code side of things and possibly could of done some more troubleshooting but sometimes you’ve just gotta let things go and get on with life !!

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Which brand of dimmers were dropping out? I had a similar problem with Aeotec Z-Wave dimmers and switches dropping out, and I think the culprit was a ZWave library I was using for scripting. The code must be so bad in some of these devices that they get taken out when they hear a malformed message from a non-compliant device.

Philips Hue dimmers

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