Telldus Mini Wall Plug (TZWP-102) EU

Didn't find any info on Telldus products (probably since they are sold mostly in Sweden/EU)
They work with the Generic Z-Wave drivers, but didn't get power reporting with them, so Needed another driver.

But I have had some success adapting this driver :

Had to change some parameter settings etc. But it works fairly well, will probably tinker more before I Make a fork on github. (For an example how do I use the Data in device to make a fingerprint? )

But anyway, this way any others that searches for telldus will find this and get moving like I did.

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Hi @broberg I´m totaly new to this and got my HE yesterday...
I bought the Telldus today and tried it but did not get the power reporting.
Have you been able to get the driver working?

Haven't made any more changes to make it official, but here is my current version :


Wow, thanks!
Works lika a charm.

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When I try to import the RAW url I get an error saying “ Metadata Error:Please check if you inadvertently pasted driver code into apps code window on line 31”?

This is a driver, you need to add that to "Drivers Code", not "Apps Code".

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Thanks! It goes that much better when Im doing it right instead... :slight_smile:

Hi i only have telldus smart switch and range extender, i would like to get te timer function working for the range extender, its an auto shut down function.
Do you know of any parameter documentation for the telldus z-wave products?

Awesome thanks!
I would love to get the "countdown timer" to work.

You can try the Super Basic Z-wave Tool to set the parameter.