Techive Hubitat review


Well, considering most of my rules have devices in them...If you were to wipe away all my devices I'd pretty much be recreating all my rules anyways to fix the now defunct devices. And for those of us with lots of rules that might not remember what all was in would not only be reconnecting everything AGAIN but you would be creating rules again. Heck at that point you'd be better off with a printout of of the screen and just start from scratch. That would be about the worst upgrade path ever.

However. I don't think the Hubitat team is that stupid. I'd be shocked if the existing USB stick will not work with the new hub and it's not a simple backup/restore procedure to upgrade.

Plus, if you put a user in a position like that to start just opens the door for them to use another product since they are starting over anyways. That's a bad business decision and terrible marketing. Makes way more sense to bring someone into your platform and keep them there. Or make it really hard for them to leave (starting over).


I don't think they are "that stupid" either. But I do think they have basically 0% extra resources right now, so aren't going to be able to create tools/features for everything.

I fully expect (would be happy to be wrong) that a migration tool will NOT be available when the new hub comes out.


Agreed - except for the fact that I do believe the database backups will be able to be restored as @Cobra has alluded to.

What Hubitat simply needs to do, is add a feature for each device to be REPLACED. This would initiate a pairing process that would allow the same device (or a new one) to be paired to a new Zigbee/Z-Wave radio without having to change any of the automations that use that device.

I believe this is by far the best compromise that we can hope for. I also believe that this would be very helpful even without attempting a hub migration. I have replaced numerous Cree/GE Link bulbs due to failures with new Sengled bulbs. It is annoying to have to edit my automations, but not impossible. A device replacement feature would be very helpful!


Oh yes, very helpful! +1


Definitely. I should have been more clear in my pontificating!

That would be sweet!


Ah, gee, thanks for the compliment! :blush:

All will be revealed. This thread is full of speculation absent of information...


Just because you keep it (the info) locked to 7 keys.
You should be more like with Samsung Leaks :joy::rofl::joy:


OK. Our new hub has a built in refrigerator with an integrated large screen tv.


This is what happens when the community drives your feature implementation priorities :rofl::rofl:


Nice!!! Does lt includes a 6 Pack? Would be nice if it would be German lager.

New Hub... I hacked your prototype drawings.


Ok, I probably could have worded that better. It was meant as a vote of confidence in you guys, even if it didn't sound like it. lol

All kidding aside, having customers that are interested and excited about the product is a great thing. :slight_smile: Even if you have to put up with random speculation sometimes.


Just remember the old saying:

a camel is a horse designed by committee


I don't think a company with 0% extra resources come out with version 2 if as stated above:

What would make sense is a cheaper way to produce V2 so that you could be more competitive in the market...hence a built in radio than having to purchase a separate USB stick you don't make... Building in the zwave and zigbee radio has to be cheaper than the stick route...but not out of the question to also be able to use the stick (totally a guess of course)

(and yes....all speculation :slight_smile: )


Probably, but not by as much as you would think. I am familiar with the wholesale zwave 500 and zigbee chip costs. :slight_smile: Though in manufacturing a few bucks saved is a good thing!

I bet cost wasn't the #1 driver in making a gen2 hardware, though, Rather a side benefit.


Oh and for the speculation...communities love to guess what's next. Just look at the whole market segment for phone "leaks" everyone loves to try to figure out what's next. It's the modern day version of Stratego!


Perfect! I was actually going to Lowe’s to get a new fridge later today but I guess I won’t have to anymore!


Ah, are we turning into the government ???


Ah, are we turning into the government ???

No, we are actually getting things accomplished.


One of the few times in my life I was correct....please, don't tell my wife....