Tasmota and Hubitat - Is there any future?

Only order the switches that come preflashed with tasmota to be safe. Aliexpress has them for the same price.

For $16 I can get a zigbee wall switch from amazon and it works natively.


I have a 1400 square foot bungalow. I changed all my switches and dimmers to smart switches/dimmers. I just checked my device tab and it looks like I have 19 dimmers (the rest are switches). I never knew or considered the fact that my switches/dimmers may have a minimum wattage rating. Everything works and the dimmers dim as expected. Every single bulb in the house is an LED. Maybe I am an oddball, or some of my switches/dimmers may be connected to loads that do not meet the minimum wattage requirements. But like I said everything works.


Please post a link


Stephan, if you know a z-wave or zigbee dimmer switch that works with a single bulb (60 watt eq that draws about 7 watts), please let me know what brand and model. Thanks

Thanks but I'm talking dimmer switches.

  • PROVIDES BEST DIMMING CAPABILITIES, works with most popular dimmable LED's (including Cree, Ecosmart, Philips, GE, Sylvania, Sunco, and others).
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The dimmer that @kuzenkohome linked to has a 5W minimum load. You can also use any other dimmer that has a higher minimum load (Zooz is typically 15W), and wire one of these in at the load:

With this in place, a 5W load is dimmed pretty well.

Aeotec and Jasco also make very similar products for the same purpose.

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5 watt minimum... Nice. If only it wasn't double the price of wifi... but thanks, i'll try a few.

Thanks, I've tried those and they don't work with the old GE/Jasco z-wave switches.

That's weird. Until I went mostly Caseta, I used these with old GE/Jasco dimmers. They're still in a couple fixtures .....

Price kind of becomes secondary (to a point) with the convenience of a built in driver versus a community tasmota driver that support for may go away at any time. :man_shrugging:


I do wonder if its my bulbs. I've tried the Lutron and another brand aeotec (I think) version.

I hear you but over the years I've had MiCasaVerde, Vera, Wink, Samsung and a few others go away or start charging. (I've got a pile of old controllers.) WiFi switch production volumes are huge now and if Amazon starts supporting scene controllers, Hubitat may be in trouble. If they're juggling priorities, they may already be. Non-cloud wifi switches are a great opportunity for them. They could sell the switches. It doesn't need to be Tasmota; there are others. Let the Github guys do the work, just don't block them. [like Wink did]


No one is being stopped from writing an integration for any device. There used to be a community integration for Tasmota devices; it isn't being maintained any more.

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How's "discourage" whatever, Cast a negative attitude upon...

Also inaccurate. There are plenty of community-developed integrations for locally controlled Wifi devices (eg Kasa, Magiclight), and built-in drivers for WiFi devices (ecobee, LiFX, Yeelight) for which manufacturer-published APIs exist.


I would think an "ambassador" would not go out of their way to nitpick wording. I'm sorry, maybe you don't follow my Bostonian colloquialism or figurative phrases. Wink and Alexa have blocked similar efforts.

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No, Iā€™m trying to keep you accurate, and thereby not mislead anyone else who comes along.


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