Tapo "tp-link" plug compatibilitywith C-8

You cannot. Unless someone has written a Hubitat integration for TP-Link Tapo devices.

Thanks -was afraid of that. Will Hubitat create an Application like what was done for Kasa?
This could be limiting.
Thanks again.

That would probably be best directed to @djgutheinz
I'm not familiar with the plugs, but maybe they are similar.

The data is out there on GitHub for someone to create a HE integration; however, it can not be me. It will also likely be cloud-based vice LAN.

Additionally, Tapo devices can be installed on SmartThings without a ST Hub. Once installed on STs, you can use the Hubitat community HubiThings Replica integration for the device type (switch, bulb, etc). If you can not find a HubiThings Replica driver, ask me and I will point you to the right direction.


Thank you - I am new to hubitat and have tapo and other plug which there are not yet integrations. Where do I find the HubiThings Replica driver as this looks like a great solution.

It is available in Hubitat Package manager. Since you are new to HE, read this post. It includes a link to HPM.. Are you new to home automation or Hubitat or coming from a different platform such as SmartThings, Vera, or Wink? This may help!

I am "new" to hubitat" and use ST at another location. My goal with hubitat was to allow a two platform approach light/outlet control for z-wave and (future for matter) and also homekit. For example I have some z-wave lights now in homekit with the hubitat.

Was hoping I could to this with the tapo *matter) and meross matter devices which integrate with ST but not hubitat.
Your link and help are very helpful to my early journey.

I couldn't see anything in the hubithings driver list that would resemble a tapo smart plug with energy/power monitoring.

I haven't used this integration, nor have I bought a tapo device yet.. But I'd be keen to buy one if there is some hope that a tapo plug with power monitoring may work.

Problem I have is Kasa devices aren't sold in stores in Australia any more (they have been replaced with tapo) and Amazon Australias prices have gone euo on kasa which I suspect because they may also be ending them on Amazon here (speculation).

Edit: Or do I installed the St things hub driver and potentially that may lead to seeing the plugs in hubitat? Maybe I should read some more. I can't trail as I haven't bought the tapo plug yet.

KP115's still seem to be within the range I have paid in the past.... ~$30 a plug. These are the energy monitoring one's...

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Where? Amazon Australia are now 39 dollars. Used to be 29 only a few weeks back. Not a bank breaker but made me wonder if this may be the end of them.

You're right... that must have been a recent change.... :frowning: Thankfully for me I have some backups in my desk drawer plus some old 105's.... Sorry to give a false impression....

No problems at all. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe I should buy one more as a backup.. And hopefully the tapo range may work directly in hubitat before I need more.. Once they weren't (swapped with tapo) on jb hifi and Bunnings shelves made me wonder when this day may come in Australia.

Yeah, stopping support (by TP-Link) / supply is one thing, but if they continue to work and be supported by a local integration using either Dave's or HE's integration, then the age of the device doesn't really matter.... That's the beauty of a local integration.... $10 extra isn't ideal, but a good product is a good product....


Agree, these are great smartplugs - wonder why they are being discontinued.

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I am finishing up a local driver for Tapo plugs, switches, and sensors. I figured out the security implementation and I am able to control the devices I have and by extensions. I should finish the package this week and publish as Beta. Initial:
wifi: Bulbs, plugs, switches, and hub
Sensors (connected to tapo Hub): Contact, motion, button.

Expansion will occur as I get user support to provide initial data for things like multi-plugs.


Just added a beta community app/driver set to Hubitat. See:
"BETA Tapo Devices (Plugs, Switches, Lights, Hub)"


Awesome! Thanks for the work!

I'm probably doing something wrong, so I'll list what I've done:

  • Installed the App via New User App>Pasted Code - Success
  • Installed the Mandatory Drivers (both) via New Driver>Paste Code - Success
  • Installed the tplink_plug driver via New Driver > Pasted Code - Success
  • Added the two TP125M plugs to my Tapo account - Success
  • Opened the Hubitat new app "tapo_device_install"
  • Created Credentials using my Tapo credentials at https://tapo.tplinkcloud.com/ - Success
  • Clicked on "Add Tapo Devices" - Add Device page loads up fine...
  • Waited 4-5 minutes - Failure
  • Ensured everything was on same subnet - 192.168.50.xxx - Success
  • I can see all devices on my Asus AX-11000 router just fine.
  • I assigned all devices static IP addresses as well.

A. I'm missing something (Probably the case - LOL!)
B. Something changed?

Any assistance would be much appreciated!


install it from HPM and see if it works

Need logs. Set debug log in the app, try again, and PM me the logs.

Sent! Thanks!