Taking pledges and looking for someone willing to get Wireless Sensor Tags working on Hubitat


Would be great thanks!


You may wish to try out the Aqara Temp/Humidity Zigbee sensor.
I am amazed that it can go through the walls of a freezer and refrigerator.
(Also very inexpensive!)


Any idea how accurate the humidity sensor is? I'm using my Wireless Tags in a humidor that I try to keep dialed in within +/- 1%.



Almost every consumer humidity sensor is +/-5% RH. That is what the Aqara are, too. At least on accuracy. Now, repeatability (which is what most people really want for control) is significantly better than that.


Makes sense. The Wireless Tags are accurate to within +/-2% humidity, which is why I chose them several years ago.


I have a couple and can't get them to stay connected even within 10 ft of the hub...... They are very frustrating. Been researching this all morning and sounds like they are extremely picky about your other zigbee devices / repeaters.


I think somewhere earlier in this thread, it was mentioned that the Xiaomi sensors work well with Tradfri outlets and repeaters. I purposely added 5 of these in my ~2000 sq ft house.

I have other repeaters that are are not Xiaomi-compatible (eg. Securifi Peanut plugs), and they haven't stopped the Xiaomi sensors from working. It's just that the Xiaomi sensors won't work with them alone.


There is a good thread about stabilizing your Xiaomi here. I hope it help.


Or wait until the end of this year when (hopefully) all the new ZigBee 3.0 certified versions of Aqara products are available. I wouldn't expect them to be any more accurate though. But who knows?