Tailwind Garage Door Control support

Would love to see support added for the Tailwind Garage door opener. I've owned one for about 4 months now and so far it worked extremely well. Very accurate as far a coming home and the correct door opening. It would be great to be able to use as an arrived home trigger, as well as garage door open status.


Tailwind has IFTTT integration, you can use it along with hubitat's IFTTT integration and some virtual devices to achieve what you are looking for.

What garage door opener are you using with the tailwind?

The opener is a 8900W LT, which is the commercial version of the 3900. It allows the use of dry contacts, but still has the wifi and MyQ but I really dont need it with the Tailwind. I do have the IFTTT integration setup but it doesnt give you the active status of the door garage switches, plus I was really hoping for a local solution. The whole point of the Hubitat is not to have to use IFTTT.

If the door has built in MyQ support you can use the MyQ lite App that works with Hubitat. I use it for my Liftmaster Garage door.

I did look at this app, but the Tailwind already has door switches integrated into the system which is why I would like to see that system integrated. I also have Lutron motion sensors in the garage but they become a little unreliable when the temperatures get below freezing.

Hubitat is all about local control. Anything that requires a cloud integration is not likely to get much traction from Hubitat staff.

I agree with the mind set but the alexa, IFTTT, Life 360 .... integrations say otherwise. As much as local control is preferred, sometimes I would settle for any integration even if it is in the cloud.

Those are not device integrations, they are control integrations. But hey, you've been a member here for 3 days so you must be the more knowledgeable, right?

Not sure where the attitude is coming from, I wasn't implying anything on my end about your knowledge. I'm not sure I understand the point you are making between control and device integrations? I would think the HE system would shy away from both equally they both break the system when they dont work. I added the feature request hoping that Tailwind may have some support for local control, my intent wasn't really to add a cloud feature to HE system, but like I said sometimes something is better than nothing.

I also just installed a Tailwind system. I wasn't excited about the cloud stuff, but at end of the day it works very well and will probably be less annoying than other options. I think their method of presence detection works better and is arguably more secure (basically 2 factor for auto opens).

They just announced support for SmartThings. I don't have a ST hub and have no experience with them. But I know a lot of ST stuff has been ported to HE, so maybe there's hope? I also wrote to the owner and he told me they are releasing an API shortly. BTW, they are responsive to support questions, even on weekends.

What about installing a contact sensor on the garage door that you can get the status of in hubitat?

I already put in a feature request with them as well the other day, and I would agree Scott and the Tailwind team have been very responsive.

I could put another sensor on the door, but it would be easier if I could use the ones that are already there for the Tailwind first. Plus, I currently dont have any z wave or zigbee hubs.

Do you mean repeaters? If you have Hubitat, you have both a Zigbee and a Z-wave hub. But I do have to ask, if you're not using zigbee and z-wave devices, why do you even have Hubitat?

Yes, I meant repeaters my hub is in an equipment closet in the lower level so it not likely to reach any devices that are upstairs. For the price, a easy to use local rule manager alone was worth it for me, and I thought it looked like it was worth playing with. I don't currently have anything doing any logic other than whats baked into the Ra2 software and some IFTTT stuff.

So far I have been pretty impressed, the multiple harmony hub control is great and I didn't even know about that when I bought it. I am also hoping at some point I can find a way to locally control my Flair vents, Flairs idea of zone control and the other restrictions they placed on the system are pretty disappointing, even though the hardware seems well built. I know someone built a ST app that works with flair so it seems like Hubitat might be able to as well at some point.

So far I have a fair amount of Z-Wave switches and contact sensors in use. I could easily add either a contact sensor or tilt sensor to each door. I'll go that route if direct support doesn't work out. But as mentioned, the Tailwind already has hard-wired sensors that are very reliable.

But one thing I'd like as a high priority is to be able to use the presence detection to add further reliability to the HE app's detection. So far I've found the TW very good in this regard.

After looking around the Tailwind website, I'm not a 100% sure what you expect Hubitat to do to integrate this device. There doesn't appear to be a public API, either cloud or local, to control the device. Also, there doesn't appear to be any way to configure the Tailwind to broadcast to Hubitat when you have arrived home. So, I'm not quite sure what you expect someone to be able to do without any of the tools necessary to do it. Do you know of another system that has integrated this device (i.e. Home Assistant, OpenHab, etc)? Is there any documentation around how that was done or what would be necessary to do so? I don't understand what the ask is here. The Hubitat team is very small. To devote time and energy to integrating a device like this for a relatively small number of users is a little against their business model, especially in a segment of Home Automation where there are so many other devices which accomplish the same functionality.

If you wanted to try, since the device is linkable with Google, you could try using Assistant Relay to issue commands to the door. But as far as getting presence detection from the device, there's no way to force the Tailwind to tell anyone when that has happened and presently it doesn't appear that is possible in the Tailwind architecture. That's not a limitation of Hubitat or something that Hubitat can change.

Well as I said before, they recently added support for SmartThings. I don't have ST so I don't know what kinds of things they allow. I have sent a question to them to see if they can provide me more info. Tailwind has also stated they are working on an API. They are also releasing HomeKit support in the near future (they claim they have it working).

I'm mainly just showing interest in this so that hopefully down the road better integration will be possible. I'm not expecting the dev team to drop everything. Maybe when we know more about what they are doing with ST, someone will be able to learn more. I know many device drivers from ST have been ported to HE for example.

I don't see the device on the Works With SmartThings page. Without any information at all on how it works or how ST was able to do it, there really isn't anything anyone can do at this point. Do you have a link to the App/DTH from ST for the device?

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