T-Mobile Internet any good?

Probably the end of this thread. I did get a cable from the T-Mobile jack into my Asus router. Works great. Speed slows down sometimes, but it is fast enough, Now if it is just reliable I will be happy. 7:44 pm here and UL is showing around 8 Mbps - took 4.5 minutes to UL 7 MB backup to the cloud. OK for the boonies. Looks like I will keep this thing and drop my old ISP. Thanks again to all you who posted here and gave me the courage to continue on. All this techno crap can be very daunting to an 80 year old geezer :upside_down_face:


upload shouldn't matter that much. You can't port forward so you shouldn't be serving anything out of your house and that should be enough for game clients and web surfing.

Yep, that was similar to my story. Had one window where it would bounce between 2 and 3 bars and my router and hubs were on the other end of the house. Add to that that speeds were slower that out Spectrum Fiber (even though all our neighbors swore they were getting faster speeds). In the end it just wasn't worth the headache to move everything for no improvement. Yeah, I would save some money, but again, the other considerations outweighed it. IF I wasn't into HA, or used the cheap cloud-based Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stuff that I didn't need hubs for I would probably switch, but beyond basics it just wasn't worth it for me.

Since we dropped at&t and switched our phone to T-Mobile, the scam and spam calls and texts have almost completely stopped (except for the guy that had my number 8 years ago that still keeps giving it to his family he doesn't want to talk to and bill collectors).

After 2 days...I'm down to two bars. I'm thinking this ain't gonna fly. Crazy when i first powered up the T-mobile router i was getting supersonic speeds......then never again. Almost like they throttled me down.

double check your internet usage. i know for the phones, they give high speed up to 50GB, then they'll throttle for the remainder of the month

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