System really buggy since last update

I've been cruising along pretty good but I've been plagued with a bunch of weirdness since the latest update and it started immediately. Its now been a couple days and things havnt gotten better. Motion lights are randomly not switching lights on, switches in groups sometimes don't respond when the others do. And today one of my inovellis quit responding even to physical button presses. Had to air gap it to fix it. I'm seeing issues with both zigbee and zwave devices. I haven't added anything new, no new hardware and no new rules. Am I the only one?

You perhaps might benefit from a Soft Reset and Restore. Download a backup. Go to hub ip:8081, and select Soft Reset. You need the hub's MAC address to log in. When the hub comes back up on the green page, at the bottom click on Restore from Backup, and select the file you downloaded.

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Hi. My hub database got corrupted by this last update too. I had to do the soft Reset, but it looks like I may have lost the database.

But after restoring, all is well again. Just wanted to mention this. I have the old original version of the hub.

Ok just successfully performed it. We shall see how it goes.

The soft reset seemed to help alot, but now I'm noticing any time I update hubitat things get wonky for a short time after. I updated last night and many random switches won't respond to the first command, but will respond to subsequent commands. Motions may not activate on first try, but then are fine after. This morning, many hours after update, my alarm clock lights did not turn on. There are 2, an Inovelli red and a zigbee outlet. Neither fired. But 15 mins later they came on brighter to remind me it's time to start getting ready. I also seem to get one random inovelli that will require an air gap to function at all after an update, even with physical presses.

This can't be normal. How do I go about tracking this down?

I don't have any rules on my hubs but am using HubMesh, Groups and Maker API. I have had some switches fail to respond last night but it could have been a timing thing. Will keep an eye out... my main stuff seems to be okay but I have noticed a little lag in responsiveness this morning and yesterday morning.. :coffee:

Nothing concrete though..

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