System event:severeLoad

Access from RM UI?
Wait:reboot may be where this is headed.

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Yes. Location event trigger.

Must be a Rule 4.1 only. I was trying to use it in a 4.0 rule, it shows in a newly created rule. (4.1)

Uptime: 6h 39m 6s

Devices: 0h 0m 18s (0.1%)

Uptime: 6h 39m 6s

Local apps: 0h 27m 11s (6.8%)

How does this trigger a "severeLoad" every 2 minutes?
Seems a fairly light load to me.

Could you describe a bit more what you’re trying to do?

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I am trying to figure out why the hub shows the severeLoad event every 2 minutes, and seems lightly loaded.
I have a pair of rules that are cpu intense, but the event occurs even when they are not actively running.
It seems to persist.
I have hub mesh set to sync every hour.
This is one of 6 HE's.
This one receives zone motion hubmesh status, and controls 2 hue RGBW bulbs in a repeat loop, 3 seconds of a specific color depending on what zone or zones are active.
Zone goes active, set color, wait 3 seconds,repeat, or set next color and wait 3 seconds. 7 zones possible, with the repeat being recalculated if zone added, or went inactive.
Zone motions are set for 2 minutes.
No errors showing in log.

Initially, thread started to find access to event, needed RM4.1, solved.
With access to event, small rule to reboot that night If severeLoad encountered.
Now it will reboot every day, due to the event occurring seemingly continuously.

Progress, it stopped eventing on the 2 minutes mark.
For a while.
I paused my lighting control Rule, let it reboot.
Un paused rule, it eventually started the 2 minutes thing again.
This is the only thing running on this hub.
Well, hue bridge and RM.
I had the hubs (6) set to reboot periodically, twice a week.
With the .131 update, and a major network overhaul, I realized that the hubs had gone ~16 days without a reboot before becoming noticeably in need.
I thought using the severeLoad would eliminate the need for periodic reboots.
Switched from RM rule to periodic reboot to severeLoad determine necessity.
Works on 5 other hubs (still testing, but initial results are good).

Need to convert RM rule to groovy app.

Perhaps it is to much for RM to do.
Or find way to change the severeLoad peramiter to ignore temporary heavy loading, like when I am working in the yard,shed,etc... That keeps the light control active.