System Disarmed, but intrusion still triggered

So this has been happening alot in the past and then nothing for some time. but now it happened again today and it took me 3 mins to be able to access HU to disable the intrusion. I had been viewing my log for the last week and there are no issue showing up. I am not sure why out of nowhere it gets so slow and then does not trigger correctly. But this need to get resolved ASAP.

app:92020-04-13 10:25:18.775 am warnAlert Intrusion canceled
app:92020-04-13 10:22:47.815 am warnAlert Intrusion Porch Door open
app:92020-04-13 10:21:59.827 am warnAlert Intrusion Front Door open
dev:392020-04-13 10:21:48.060 am infoFront Door was closed
app:92020-04-13 10:21:43.274 am warnAlert Intrusion pending Front Door open
dev:392020-04-13 10:21:41.795 am infoFront Door was opened
dev:7722020-04-13 10:21:40.370 am infoKitchen Sonos is stopped
app:92020-04-13 10:21:40.147 am infoDisarmed