SYS1 Error Repeating Constantly

@bravenel, I am getting the following error repeating in the logs. Does anyone know what it means?

sys:12019-09-15 05:19:00.885 pm warnReceived cloud request for App 344 that does not exist, path: /placecallback

Also seeing this error pop up a lot.

app:7412019-09-14 08:26:32.973 pm errorjava.util.NoSuchElementException: Cannot pop() an empty List on line 5567 (doRepeatR)

This means you have multiple simultaneous copies of that rule running at the same time. That won't work. Show the rule. You're going to have to rethink the way you are doing whatever it is.

Are you referring to the SYS1 error or the other one.

The cannot pop. The other one looks like something you had and removed. App 74 must be a rule. You can click on the blue app:74 in the logs and it will show you which rule it is.

Here is the rule. How do I figure out what the sys1 item is all about. How do you determine what app344 is?

You can't have an ELSE inside the Repetition!

Remove that ELSE. It's not clear how you expect the repeat to ever stop.

Actually it didn't stop so I have been trying all kinds of variations. I went back and looked at the examples but I need to do it again. thanks

Any idea on the App344 error?

Like I said, you must have removed some app that used a cloud service.

Is there a way to remove this from the hub so it doesn't keep looking for it?

It's not the hub, it's from an external cloud service trying to access the hub. What did you connect to before removing something?

Oh lord that is a good one. I will have to try to rack my brain to remember that one. May or may not work. :grinning: Thanks