Sys Log Error

I keep getting the following error:

Just wondering where to start looking. It seems to have started after I removed the hub version of life360 app and then installed with HPM the life 360+ version.

I can't claim to know exactly how to resolve your exact issue... But I'll; take a stab...

When you setup a device / service to send data regularly to a HE Hub / device, it will often send the data to what I am going to refer to as the "generic port", where HE relies on the MAC address of the device to identify the HE device to direct the data to using the Device Network Id. When that match is made, the driver parse (or similar) method is called to interpret the data that is received.

That is not always the case and... I will stop there... because I am likely stepping beyond what you are asking.....

This is true for (some) local devices. It is not the case for the above poster, both because it is cloud rather than local and because it is hitting an app endpoint, not communicating directly to a driver. The port is for unsolicited inbound communication from such devices. You'll see a different error when that is the case.

This seems likely to be the issue then. The general problem with this kind of error is that you have some sort of cloud service set up to connect to your hub, but the app you had on the hub to receive that communication is no longer there. (The previous app ID is in that log entry, should you have a backup you could use to confirm, but it seems like you have a good idea already.)

Normally, you'd be able to just figure out whatever that is and remove it on the other side, that being the Life360 side in your case. However, it seems others have not had luck trying (though you certainly could try). For example: [RELEASE] Life360+ (BROKEN) - #241 by ritchierich. Ultimately, something like that will have to be the solution, however.

I don't see any errors in the log entries above. :wink: (Just a warning--it's letting you know this traffic is coming in but won't cause problems on its own, just a reminder to remove the other thing to keep your hub a bit happier and probably also Hubitat's cloud servers these requests route through.)

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Several others have posted about it too including @halfrican.ak:

I had worked with @bobbyD several weeks back and he pointed out that because of the Life360 API issues, the removal of the webhook during the Life360 uninstall doesn't work.

I reached out to Life360 support and went back and forth with them and they don't truly understand the problem and refuse to help since these integrations are using an unofficial integration that they don't support. I pointed out that the issue is on their end and I am just requesting for them to remove the webhook that was created and they opened an enhancement request for me LOL.

@nh.schottfam reached out to me and provided few suggestions that I tried using PostMan to remove the webhooks and nothing seems to work.

@bobbyD don't know if yall track these types of Cloud errors but I would imagine this will be come more common and unsure if yall can block these at your cloud API level otherwise these errors will happen indefinitely given that all of us removed the app and no way to invoke the uninstall a second time when/if the API issue gets resolved. I saved a backup of my hub just in case but others may not have done this so these Hub warning messages will happen indefinitely to all of us that used the stock app and uninstalled it during the past few months.


These are not errors. These are valid external requests that a hub receives. And we share that info with the users, so that they are aware a stranded connection exists.


OK hence the "warn" vs "error" message in the log. But is there a way to block these at your cloud level or will all of us that uninstalled Life360 continue to have these warn messages indefinitely? It would be nice if we revoke a cloud access token from a hub that anything that used it prior gets blocked.

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Would be really nice if the built-in Life360 connector was fixed soon. Hopefully then, users who decide to remove it will not suffer the same warning messages in their logs forever.


Thank you guys for the information. I had suspicions that L360 was still sending information to the old 360 app.

I do agree it is just a warning log, but it is a bit annoying to see it and not knowing why it exists.

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100% Agree but for those of us that uninstalled it, it would be nice to have a solution too to prevent the warn messages.


The only thing I can think of would be to completely delete/remove your Life360 account on the Life360 website. Hopefully, this would remove the webhook, and stop the nagging. Then, one could create a new Life360 account and start clean.

I have not tested this. I still have the old Life360 integration installed. Based on the issues others are having after removal, I plan to leave well enough alone for now. I am not really using it any longer, as I use Apple HomeKit automations to turn on/off a virtual switch/presence sensor. This has been extremely reliable.