SYLVANIA SMART+ ZigBee Full Color Indoor/Outdoor Flexible Lightstrip

Has anybody tried the SMART+ Indoor/Outdoor RGBW light strips from Sylvania? It looks like a decent alternative to putting up and taking down Christmas lights that could be fun all year long. At least that would be the excuse I would use to justify buying them.

Amazon has them for $42.80 right now

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I have them. the mounts that were provided with mine are junk. I used wire nails, but the lights work well. You CAN'T cut them. They're completely enclosed in plastic. So, it's all or nothing. They won't do square corners and are impossible to even get around a corner and still lay flat. So be prepared to have "slow turns" with these strips. I also have a few sets of the indoor ones.

Just be warned, they are horrendous repeaters so if you have other zigbee devices paired to your HE there is a very good chance you'll have issues with their performance. Personally I can only recommend Seglend zigbee bulbs (they don't repeat by design) but I don't think they make a "lightstrip".

Best alternative is a z-wave lightstrip (although I have no personal experience with them) or a hue lightstrip (paired to a hue bridge and integrated through built-in app) . The hue's are excellent but expensive unfortunately.

Does that really include the newer Sylvania RGBW strip and garden spots? I have only read that the older Sylvania / OSRAM bulbs have ZigBee routing issues. Even this recent comment from SmartThing's Tom Manley seems to corroborate:

Valid point, I don't know the answer to. I have the indoor version and it definitely did, but it may have been the "older" firmware.

I just ordered the starter kit to see how it goes. I have an existing LED stip under the cabinets that is starting to fail.. $34.01 today on Amazon. Should be interesting to see how this works. I am assuming the power supply is the repeater?

how did it go? only zigbee i have are IRIS v1 contact sensors. I want the cheapest/easiest way to put a lightstrip around my TV.

they work fine. I haven't done much with them, but the zigbee portion has worked without a hitch. It looks like the led strips are just a standard 5 prong. I have read you can use other strips with them, but I haven't gone any further. the only downside I have seen is the adhesive used isn't the greatest, but I dont know if thats because I didnt clean the surface enough or what. But other than that they are fine and work great with hubitat.

My issue is I have 3 different under cabinet areas and 2 above cabinet areas I need to light so I will need a way to run all 3 under areas off of one controller and both upper off of one. I think I can also get extenders or I can get 5 different gateways.. either way as long as I group them in hubitat it should be fine.

I have them too and they work well.
Just the mounts aren't good as april.brandt said but the lights are working perfectly.

I like them a lot.

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