Sylvania Smart+ recessed issues

My Sylvania bulbs show up as generic zigbee bulbs. I changed them to generic zigbee rgbw light. I'm using the rgbw light on my dashboard and odd stuff is happening.

1- the brightness level changes when I change color or white color temp.

2- if I set a white color temp and minimize the control the lights go back to the last color I set before white.

I tried looking for a specific driver for them but couldn't find one, am I just overlooking it?

Issue #2 is a known issue with the dashboard. Simply close the dashboard or back out of it rather than closing the color control popup window. Support knows about this issue and is working on it.


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I just tried to replicate this on my Sylvania full color recessed light from the device page. I went from 1500 to 7000K with no level change (I refreshed to make sure). With the color change; if you are picking a dark color from the color picker, than it is going to include a change in the level to match.
You are using the correct driver, but you have the old firmware because the lights still come with 0102100 or something like that and the current firmware is 0102428. If you can connect it to SmartThings to update it you should.

I don't have a smarthings hub but will look into updating the firmware of the bulbs. They were contractor packs so I wouldn't be surprised if they were warehouses and stored for a while.

You can usually get the Osram gateway on amazon dirt cheap (just avoid the Osram bulbs) and use that just for updating.