Sylvania/Osram RGBW Bulbs

@aaiyar Appreciate your help. I'll let you know how it all goes.


@aaiyar I started reading through that custom app thread and it'll take me some time. So I have a quick question since I've never used a gateway & hubitat before. If I add all of the devices through the gateway, would I still create groups and scenes for multiple bulbs in Hubitat or would grouping be done on the gateway? I'm thinking once LEDVANCE kills their cloud their app will be unusable as well which means everything should be done with Hubitat, just want to verify. Thanks

This is what I would recommend.

Once you get your bulbs paired to the Lightify gateway, Hubitat's connection with the gateway is completely cloud-independent.

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Got it. Thanks

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That actually depends on what you mean by your groups. A group of all lights in your house? Or a group in the same room always controlled together?
In the latter case you need to create that in the Osram bridge because it will then take advantage of the ZigBee group feature and you can then share both the group and the end devices to HE. You can then group all the groups in a HE group if you want a whole house group.

This will reduce the work on the HE to osram bridge connection (remember it's wireless not wired) and the light in the room will all go on and off together rather than popcorn.


I am using Adam's driver on all 12 of my Smart+ recessed can lights. It works great with both GH voice control and the HE. I suppose I will lose the voice control if the Sylvania account goes away but maybe by then we will have some updates. Big thanks to Adam! Appreciate the driver and all you do for the community!

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I just wanted to update everyone that so far the integration has been working great. I moved all of the Osram bulbs over to the Osram gateway and left the strip lights on the HE for now since I use those all of the time. The good news with moving the bulbs to the Osram gateway is I was able to edit the turn on state on one of the bulbs that I've had for a long time and always hated how when it turned on it was so bright and such a yellow tone. Thanks for all the help on this thread all, hopefully it brought some answers for others as well.

I've had problems with flickering. The bulbs in my bathroom failed -- it seems they don't like humidity.

Most recently, one bulb became really dim. The colors were still bright, but the white wasn't. I assume this is because the white LED failed, and that the dim white is the contribution of the RGB LED's that trim color temperature.

Anyway, the amusing thing is that I dropped that bulb as I was putting it back in the socket, and when I picked it up and screwed it back in, the white was working again! :slight_smile:

(Forgive the duplicate post, I had to replace the first attempt because the board gratuitously added a couple of words at the end.)

The bulbs are rated for outdoors so humidity shouldn't be a problem. But, I've had multiple issues with the bulbs going bad. I've had 3 or 4 replaced because LEDs go bad. Either the bulb wont get above a certain brightness or some colors just stop working.

If you reach out to their customer support they will most likely send you a new bulb (if you want it)

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The reason I suspect it was humidity is because the three bulbs in that bathroom all died, while most (all?) of the other 11 bulbs I had were OK. And I think some replacements in the bathroom may have died as well -- it was a while ago, so not sure at this point.

I have had all of mine replaced under warranty, which amounts to over 50 A19 RGBWs. At one point I was having a light die every week. The A19 RGBWs are the only ones I have had trouble with, and I'm guessing that the failures are do to heat. All of my fixtures are open, but these bulbs still get hot enough to burn. I have a dozen of the recessed lights that are over 2 years old and not a single failure.


Wow. Maybe you got a bad batch? I've lost several, but others have been fine.

IIRC, there are complaints about failures on Amazon as well.

You may have a point about heat failures -- the bulbs in my bathroom were in cans, while the other ones are in ceiling fixtures and oriented horizontally. I have Crees in the bathroom now, and they've been fine.

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