Sylvania Lightify Smart Sensor not showing in GH

Noob question. After switching from Smartthings to HE, I ran into a problem with these smart sensors. Here's the problem, after pairing the sensors to HE and adding GH under the apps list in HE and selecting the sensors, GH will not show the sensors in its device list. Then I go back to HE and I notice that all the sensors that I selected earlier were no longer selected in the "Which Devices?" in the apps lists. I would like to run routines in GH to report temperatures in seperate rooms in my house like I was able to do with Smartthings. What gives? Does anyone else have this problem?

You mean the motion sensor? Motion sensors are not supported by the Google Assistant Integration at this time. It's on their plan to add them they've said but there's no published time-frame. You can tie the motion sensor to a virtual switch and have that report to GH but not as a motion sensor. Sorry.

Thanks for the info!

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