Sylvania Lightify Edge-Lit Under Cabinet Adjustable White (72569)

Have been looking at these for a while and finally found one unbelievably cheap on Amazon so I decided it was worth the risk to try it out. It pair perfectly with Hubitat very easily and it joined using the Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev) driver. That seemed to work at first but it did not update the switch state when the light was turned off. So, it would stay "on" even though the light was actually turning off. I found that the Generic RGBW bulb driver in CT mode works perfectly. It adjusts the color temp and level and reports the status correctly 100% of the time so far. It does join as a repeater but I don't know how well it repeats at the moment. Here's the device footprint.


Like I said, I definitely recommend using the Generic Zigbee RGBW driver in CT mode and so far, it is working great. It's not SUPER bright. It's definitely not going to light up your whole kitchen. But for $16, they are really worth it.

Home Depot is selling these for $71 right now. I like it so much I just ordered 2 more to finish off the rest of my cabinets. Right now I have non-dimmable LEDs connected with Sonoff basics. These are going to look so much nicer. They are less than a centimeter thick and you can tie multiple units together with a connecting cable that is included.

+1 for these. You can connect up to 3 panels in series to one controller. I have 5 total in my kitchen and they look great! color temp range is impressive. zigbee grouping makes them work as one.

However, I have just had the issue of my Iris v1 DW contacts all (but one) dropping off the HE. So I'm heavily considering adding a second hub to isolate either the Sylvania kit or all the Iris kit.

Good call! I just moved mine over to my DIYHue zigbee mesh. Had to do a little tweaking but they paired to HE fine now. That will keep them isolated to that network so I shouldn't have a problem with them. I currently only have two bulbs on that mesh.

Yes, I have two of different version of these which do the same thing, it's on the todo list to fix...

@mike.maxwell. Did this ever make it up the "todo list?"

Wait! So these have a 12vdc inline zigbee relay?

No. It is two inline low voltage dimmers, i would assume PWM. But what voltage they are, I have not taken the time to measure.

The power supply is 20vdc, but I've just tested the inline dimmer (no light) on 12vdc and it paired and toggles on/off just fine. Houston, we have lift-off...

But if it's PWM on the output, are you going to send that to a buck converter? Have you analyzed the signal at 100% on an oscilloscope? I would assume that since it's a dimmer, even at 100% it's not at 100% duty cycle.

In this case, I just wanted to control a string of plug-in leds rather than a usb-powered appliance, so your sylvania inline dimmer worked perfectly. No stacked power adapters in order to get HE control.
And for $16 delivered!! Woo hoo!

Only if your LEDs are also 20v though. Most are either 5 or 12.

It runs the led string fine, on either 6vdc or 12vdc.

This is also on sale for $16

These inline dimmers will also pair as a Generic Zigbee Switch.