Switching from Zway to Hubitat C7

after some years with various Zway versions and problems, I want to switch to another system. The Hubitat C7 seems really interesting but some of my 62 Z-Wave devices are not in the currently supported devices list. Is there a way to use them with hubitat anyway?
Some examples,
Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave thermostat
Zwave me WallC-s wall switches
Fibaro 223 duble switch
Danalock v3
MCOHome Zwave wall thermostat
Popp Siren
Popp zwave strike lock control

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Now I can't confirm since I don't have any of those devices but a lot of those look like they would work with the generic drivers (provided they follow standard protocol) Obviously someone will chime in if I'm wrong here.

Fibaro 223 is compatible using a user created driver. Not an official driver

The official Hubitat Compatible devices list is not the end all to the possibilities. That list is known good, known working well and in some cases HE has built-in dedicated custom drivers for those devices.

What is not really spelled out in that list, is the large number of "generic" drivers and the massive number of devices that "could" work just fine using those generic drivers. That is the gray area.

Yeah recommend searching through the forums a bit more - looks like some of the devices people have gotten working. Others like the WallC-s's are unknown.

One thing to consider is that Home Automation is quirky and difficult no matter which platform you use so you might be trading one set of issues/frustrations for another. Don't get me wrong - HE has been fantastic for me. I came over from Smart Things years ago and have not looked back.

The nice thing is this community really makes a difference.

Correct. They are tested by staff and are known good devices.

Also correct. Unless it is a very odd or non-conforming device, the generics often work fine. At least for the basic functions anyway.

If you somehow found an oddball device with temperature and a dimmer switch combined, a generic driver might not work. Neither will things like the weird Ikea and Xiaomi stuff.

But many off the shelf switches, motion sensors, and other similar devices are just fine with generic drivers.