Switching from ST to HE

I am thinking of switching from ST to HE. I have made a preliminary list of the smart stuff I have and if you know that any of this stuff will or won’t work with the HE. Please let me know. Any help or suggestions will be welcome. Thanks
2-Hampton Bay Zigbee fan light controllers
2-Monoprice 4-1 Sensors ZWave Plus (aren’t online half the time)

3-Ecolink Z Wave Plus Motion sensors

1-GE smart switch Z Wave

4 Magic Home RGB LED Wifi light strips (simulated switch-IFTTT-Alexa Integration

2-ST Smartpower Outlets Zigbee-serve as repeaters

4-Sylvania Outlets Zigbee-serve as repeaters

1-Be-sense Z Wave Plus Motion Sensor

4-Sylvania Smart 10Y A19 Zigbee Dimmer-serves as repeater

1-Kwikset Zwave Lock

12-Sengled A91 Zigbee Dimmer

8-ST Smartsense Zigbee Multi Sensor

1-Zooz Z Wave Siren

1-Sengled RBGW Zigbee Bulb

1- ST Smartsense Zigbee Motion Sensor

4-Sylvania Par 38 Zigbee Floodlights-serve as repeater

Mi Home Robot Vac

MYQ Garage door opener

Ring Doorbell Original model

Samsung Q70 TV

Yamaha A/V Receiver

Many Fire TV devices and fire TV Recast for OTA TV.

1 echo and 2 echo dots.

I use alexa to voice control many Individual devices whole rooms and scenes.

I have Harmony Hub Integration to the point that I use the remote to control all the A/V devices and also add in some lighting device control. I like to keep Smart Home and A/V stuff separate, it seems to work better that way. I do not control any Harmony functions with the ST app.

I solely use the ST app to control most everything.

I also have to use the MYQ app for garage door control. The Alexa App on occasion. The Magic Home app on occasion. The ring Doorbell app. The Mi Home Vac app. And I think that is it.

Here's a good place to start. These aren't always the best drivers. Sometimes there are other drivers that are better but these can get you started. Also, not everybody updates this page with their drivers so it's also missing many. :innocent:

Hey Thanks for the links. It looks like all the boxes are checked. I have no reason not to go with Hubitat. Except for the wife of course. She is just getting use to all of this after 3 years.

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My WAF has gone up considerably since I moved from ST to HE. I have not heard her complain since I finished the move (During the move I kept hearing I was ignoring here though as I spent all my time moving rules over). She is even helpful when trying to chase the few remaining bugs that are showing up from the move. Additionally, she likes having a dedicated dashboard that only has the devices that SHE cares about.


Mine too... All the cloud outages cause my one who sets the WAF to constantly call it a dumb house


I posted this in another thread - a good general place to start BEFORE building out your new network..


Also you can keep some of your ST stuff around if needed and use the community app HubConnect to share devices between ST & HE (and also HE & HE).

edit: to give proper credit @aaiyar is usually the one mentioning these!


After reading all of this, here is what I am thinking. For the Zigbee mesh, I will need to unplug the ST hub reset the devices and add the devices (repeaters first) to the new HE hub.
For the Z Wave devices I will need to exclude each device from the ST Hub, reset the devices and add to the new HE hub.
I have seen a video of a guy walking around his house with a HE hub and a long ethernet cable and power supply. He was going to each device and adding it. I take it that this is not acceptable. The Hub needs to remain in its permanent location and things added repeaters first.
Does this sound correct?

If you are so inclined - get an Aeotec Z Stick. You can exclude devices that way - very handy. Plus you can use it to get rid of persistent "ghost devices" in the very unlikely event they occur.