Switching from SmartThings to Hubitat, Z-Wave questions

I have a working SmartThings hub. I received my Hubitat today. Is there a way to gradually move switches over to Hubitat? Can I use SmartThings and Hubitat to move only one switch over to Hubitat until I understand how this works? I see everyone saying to exclude the switch from Hubitat, why exclude, it sounds backwards to what you want to associate a switch with Hubitat?

I installed my Z-wave switches years ago, I don't remember the procedure to connecting them.

Two reasons:

  1. You can't include a switch until it is excluded
  2. If Hubitat can exclude a particular switch, it can communicate with it just fine, and will therefore include it without as inclusion issues such as the creation of one or more ghost devices.

If you don’t exclude or factory reset the switch it won’t include on another hub. Can you do one at a time yes, but remember to work from the center out when adding the devices to HE.

Here’s a good reference for what you’ll be seeing



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