Switch With Verify

When using the Dashboard, I saw the Garage (control) function has a validating step (Are You Sure?).

Is there a way to add this verification to the switch template? I have a switch I'd like to force a confirmation on before turning it off or on.

There isn't a setting for just adding (or removing) this verification step. There might be other ways, but off the top of my head use the garage door template and a simple rule to turn the switch on and off.

If you don't want control at all, and just monitoring of the switch, you can use the Attribute tile as a view only tile.

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Thanks for the response. I had already tried using both the Door (control) and Garage (control) templates but neither controlled the switch for on/off.

I will try this with a virtual control and see if that will work.

Thanks Pegasus - I am after the same facility.

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